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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arrived in Tucson on a sad day.

Tucson, AZ

We arrived in Tucson about 12 noon on Saturday.   We got the rig set up, including the TV.   How sad we were to hear what happened only miles from here just a short time earlier.   Impossible to make sense about something like this.   A beautiful day with folks going about their business and because of one person's derangement, so many lives are changed forever.   

This is the first time we have actually been in the residential area of a town while doing a NOMADS project.  We are parked right next to Hope United Methodist Church only about 1 block from I19 in the southeast section of town.

Directly behind us is an Olive Tree.   I had never seen an olive tree before.  I am wondering at what point are those olives okay to eat.  I was told by the maintenance man here they first have to be cured in lye.....could that be possible?

Len worked organizing the work shop and then installed a railing they found laying around.  

Oops!   It seems the part of the building they found these railings is being rented by the Pastor's brother for his landscaping business.   He uses railings on his truck when taking away debris.  He graciously told the guys -" That's okay keep them, I'll get something else.''

As for me, I helped rake up the playground and then walked the perimeter of the property picking up trash.

Today I finished trash detail while Leonard dug trenches for electrical wiring.   After my trashing was done, I worked in the church.   We are taking down old ceiling tiles and will be installing a new, dropped ceiling.  Phew, this was hard work.

One of the missions this church has is the Sidewalk Sunday School, even though they have it on Tuesday.  Each Tuesday Pastor Jimmy has this on the corner in front of the church.  Neighborhood children are invited to attend. 

When we were through working for today, we had to go to WalMart to pick up prescriptions.  I could not even think about coming back to the rig and cooking dinner.  So Denny's it was.  

Oh yes, we saw lots of trains as we drove from Deming to Tucson.   Long, long trains.  Long, long, long trains out in the desert.  Sam, this ones for you!


Rick and Paulette said...

Again, you are to be commended for the great work you and Leonard are doing to help those less fortunate. It looks like hard work to me so don't overdo it and watch Leonard if he goes up into any attics!!

Laurie and George said...

I had to laugh at the comment about the railings :)

Barb said...

Phyllis, when I was a youngster in Southern California (San Bernardino), we had a number of olive trees in our yard. My Mom would cure them (yes, you use lye) and can them. They were wonderful. You cannot eat them off the tree, they do need to be cured.