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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Them is sure some big cactus

Tucson,  AZ

On Saturday we spent the day at the Saguaro National Park.   I was all set to feel smug by flashing my Golden Age Passport and getting in free.   No need.  It was a FREE day for everybody.   This park is actually in two locations - one on the east side of Tucson and one on the west.

The two parks preserve 91,000 acres in the Saguaro Desert, including the park's namesake, the saguaro cactus.

These cactus can live to be 200 years old.  It takes about 50 years to grow 7 feet and many grow much taller.   They start to sprout "arms" around 75 of age.  The huge ones can weigh as much as 16,000 pounds. 

Until recently the Saguaro population has been decreasing.  However, in the last two years there has been an increase in the survival rate of the plants.

At the park, we took one small walk on a paved path.   I found this cactus in bloom along the trail.

In the west park
Looking out from the west park to what appears to be several reservoirs.


To my blogging friends - once again I am having a problem keeping an internet connection.  Signal goes in and out.  In fact, I have worked two days on this post, keep shutting down.  Therefore, having difficult time keeping up with you!   I am trying to be patient, not working.


Rick and Paulette said...

Beautiful photos of those Saguaro Cactus and thanks for the info on them too. No problem on keeping up, I think we all realize how iffy wifi can be in the desert!

Laurie and George said...

Looking at the nice dry, probably warm, landscape...it again snowed this morning, with ice on top of that. Be glad you are not in New Jersey anymore!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Love the pictures looks warm,we are expecting 6 to 9 inch snow Wed thru Thur.