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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A quiet moment

White Hall, MD

We flew into Baltimore on Friday and drove up to Amy and Scott's house arriving around 10 pm.   Hi and off to bed!

On Saturday we took Charlotte and Abby up to Shrewsbury, PA to Breakfast with Santa at the local firehall.    Shrewsbury PA is about 14 miles from White Hall, MD.   Then we drove to Terri and Steves in Upper Deerfield Twp, NJ. 

On Sunday we took the girls to our home church.   I would like to post some pictures at this point but my Internet connection is really slow and I just do not have the patience to wait today.   After church we visited at my Mothers then went to our friend Richies.  His daughter needs some type on Internet system as where she lives there is no cable, etc.    We tried out our Sprint Mobile Hot Spot and had good reception.

In the afternoon we took Abby with us to visit our friends Peggy and Bill.   In the evening we took Charlotte to our church for their Christmas Hymn sing.   

Yesterday we came back to White Hall after doing some errands in NJ.    Today we took the girls to their daycare and we are just vegetating until we pick them up at 4.   We fly back to Alabama on Thursday.

This weekend we were contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator of NOMADS.    We have been recommended to train as Project Leaders.    This was quite a surprise as NOMADS policy is people are only recruited to be leaders after they have worked many projects.   We were nominated by the leaders of our second project.    (Hey - this was the project BEFORE Len fell through the ceiling - might they be having 2nd thoughts????).

We are honored to be asked to be Leaders.   There is training at the annual meeting but that is not until next September in Iowa.    However, there can also be training during the winter in AZ, FL and TX at area meetings.   As we will be in AZ during the winter, this might be feasible.

When I am better able to post pics, I will tell some funny stories about Charlotte in church!


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good to see you are getting to see the Grand's, Hope you miss getting snow while in New Jersey, we have some predicted for the next couple days though it hasn't shown up yet. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

owensontheroad said...

How nice for you! Project Leaders - must be a blessing for you to be asked. Just keep Len out of the attics for now :)

Rick said...

You and Len are obviously very dedicated to the NOMADS work and it's no surprise that you have been chosen as Leaders. Congrats and keep up the great work!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hey, we would love to meet up with you in Missouri! Or anywhere else! Congratulations on becoming NOMADS Leaders!