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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Can not make comments

Vinton,  LA

In my continuing issues with Google Blog, I have been attempting to make comments on different blogs.   My blog now shows my followers but on certain blogs my comments come up as anonymous and will not post.

So Sorry - Laurie and George and JoJo.   Letting you know I am reading your blogs but can't comment.

But on a good note (sort of), today we found our camera we thought we lost last week.   When Leonard was looking for something else, he noticed it had fallen out of  a soft briefcase I carried back to MD and NJ with various documents inside.  I looked in that briefcase at least 3 times, Leonard at least once.   Glad we found the camera.  HOWEVER, YESTERDAY WE BOUGHT A NEW ONE - JUST LIKE IT!!!!

Here we go again -  I just tried to post pictures and I am unable.    I am ready to forget this whole blogging thing.  I just do not want the frustration.


Jessica said...

I was having troubles blogging, commenting etc. with internet explorer. But I have been using Google Chrome for my browser the past couple of days and it is working fine now. If you download Google Chrome and use that for your blogging, at least for the present until they get the issues fixed, you may have better luck.

JOJO said...

You think by know they could fix the problem.
But at least I know you are reading my blog. Thanks.
Can you bring the camera back? Some times I do that too. I look and look and can't find something, then bingo there it is in a spot I looked before.

Rick and Paulette said...

Sorry to hear about your continuing blogger problems. I did get your comment on my blog though.

Glad you found your camera. Hope you can return the new one.

Karol said...

Hi Phyllis, I am having trouble downloading photos on my blog. I am running out of disk space. I think I have too many photos uploaded into my computer. I started deleting some duplicates but out photos go back to 2003.

I'm glad you found your camera. I hope you can return the new one.

I am receiving your comments OK and am grateful for them.

Laurie and George said...

Glad to know you're reading still :) I finally got my followers back yesterday. I use Mozilla for my browser, and haven't had any problems posting comments. They'll get it fixed eventually :)

Happytrails said...

Hope those blogger problems get fixed real soon. WE haven't had any problems but then we haven't had internet to post anything in a few days. I hope our comments are going through!!