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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Problems with Google???

Vinton, LA

I am having difficulties with Google.   Can someone help me with real simple instructions.  

Google is my homepage.  However, often when I turn on my computer I need to sign in.

When I go to my blog, the followers list is gone.   When I try to become a follower on a persons blog, there is no place to do it.  On some blogs ( not all) I can not leave a comment.   I will write the comment.   I hit Post Comment and get directed back to the Google sign in page even though the "Stay signed in" block is checked.  So I sign in again.

The post will appear as Anonymous.  I hit the Post Comment again and once more directed back to the Google sign in page. Where I once more sign in.      I can do this over and over again but the comment just will not post.

What the heck?    


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Rick said to go to the options page and clear the history and cache and try to go from there, if you have save passwords checked , you will still have to log in the first time.I was missing my followers for several days and then they reappeared, your followers are showing on my computer when your post appeared.Be safe out there , Sam & Donna..

Laurie and George said...

Phyllis - I'm having the same problem. Followers are invisible :) I looked and other people are showing them, but some are not. I tried Rick's suggestion to clear my cache, etc., but still they're invisible. I think it's a blogger problem that hopefully they'll fix soon!

JOJO said...

I know blogger is having problems. Lots of bloggers are having the same problems and some are having more. why do they call it fixing and maintance when all they do is make more problems:)