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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maybe Allergies?

Austin,  TX

Last Friday we were invited to our granddaughter Tiffany's house for dinner.  She lives about 50 miles from where we are working.   Our trusty GPS took us directly to her door.

Tiffany, Jake and great-grandson Alec.

Tiffany is Len's son Lennie's oldest daughter.  I did not know Lennie when he was this young but from pictures I've seen, little Alec has a strong resemblance to his grandfather.

 When we leave here on Friday, we will be parked for a week  at a RV park that is only about 15 miles from Tiffany and family.  Hoping to have many visits.

Last Saturday we woke to heavy fog and a light drizzle.   The weather cleared late morning so another NOMADS couple, Kitty and John Hahn and Leonard and I when to:

This is the prime time for Texas Hill Country wildflower display.

The favorite of most Texans and visitors is the Blue Bonnet.

Former first lady, Lady Bird Johnson and actress Helen Hayes founder the National Wildflower Research Center in 1982 to protect and preserve North America's native plants and natural landscapes.
The Center's gardens display the native plants of Texas with a focus on the Central Texas Hill Country

An interesting Oak Tree

Doing some sunning at one of the ponds.,

Now, why the title "Maybe Allergies?"    For the last several years I have long spells (weeks or months even) when I have a persistent cough.  I would blame it on having a cold that leaves me with a cough.  I am now suspecting the culprit is seasonal allergies.      I cough til my chest aches and my ribs are sore.  I cough through the night and through the day.  

Thinking back it is usually this time of the year that I have this cough.   This year seems to be the worse.  Maybe, just maybe mowing that 11 acres of Texas grass and weeds, some of which had not been mowed for three years, put a hurting on me.   Something to ponder.


owensontheroad said...

Could be allergies. Mine have just started kicking up. I find Claritin works the best. The coughing could be related to the post-nasal drip thing (or so they say!).

Have to put that wildflower center on our list!

Texas Yellow Rose said...


Definitely could be allergies, especially considering where you are. The oak pollen level is very high right now there and grass pollen levels aren't far behind; the Cedar Park and Austin areas are notorious for allergy problems. In fact, Cedar Park has "Cedar Fever" in the Autumn. Not fun.

Thanks for the photos of Ladybird's park. Love seeing photos of my Texas!

Peggy n David said...

Phyllis - pics are beautiful! We are enjoying the cajun food here...our favorite so far has been Fezzo's in Crowley, followed by Chef Roy's in Rayne :)

The weather has been gorgeous, sunny 84 daytime, high 50's at night - lovin' it!

Yeppers you probably are having allergy related coughing...take some zyrtec...non drowsy :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Excellent pictures. I love Texas this time of year.
I have no idea about the allergies. I have a runny nose and wonder if it is sinus or allergies myself. Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

JO said...

I am having a terrible time with allergies this year. Cough drives me crazy. Hate to see what I will be like in the mountains this year.
Zycam for colds worked better that the allergy one. Might have to get more of that.
Hope you can find something to give you relief.

Donna W. said...

Allergy levels very high here also because of the warm weather, lots of people suffering. Cutting all that grass sure wouldnt have helped....they have nasal sprays now that you use before you go out and do something like this.
lots of allergy meds out there, probably just have to find which one works for you

Jerry / Carol said...

It could be allergies or it cold just be Texas weather. Pollen has been high everywhere so I would not be surprised that it is allergies. I was hoping leaving Texas would be the end of my allergies. NOT. I sneeze more and cough less. Life just goes on.

Karol said...

Ted used a dust mask when mowing the lawn. Soon after he started doing that I saw many neighbors doing it, too.