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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Texas city to another

Austin,  TX

We left the Houston area where we had been parked at our friend's Olan and Lola's on Saturday morning.

Our drive to outside of Austin took just under 3 hours.  Most of the drive was through rain.  It was pouring when we got here.  But that's okay, Leonard does the outside setting up, I do the inside.

We are working at Decker United Methodist Church.

The church was built around 1903.  The interior woodwork is beyond beautiful.

Blogger Carol from www.weremovingon.blogspot.com was in the area getting ready to start a new adventure.   We made plans to meet for dinner.   She suggested:

As we were walking to the truck to meet them, one of our NOMADS co-workers was walking back to our rig to ask if we wanted to go with them for Bar BQ.   Hey, come with us instead.  So Kitty and John joined us to meet up with Carol and Kevin.    The other NOMAD couple had not arrived at the site yet.

Okay - blogging freinds, this is what Carol looks like.  And her hubby-to-be Kevin.

Ooops, Kevin eyes are closed.  Had I seen that when I took the picture I would have taken another!

So, now we've worked two days.   One major challenge is done.   The church had an addition built in the 60's. Apparently there has been a leak under some large windows.  Our men removed and replaced the  rotted wood.    They also have had some flooding and new carpet and wood trim was put in place.  The trim was never polyurethaned.  We did that today.    The grass REALLY needs cutting.  I love mowing.   As soon as it dries up enough, I will get right on it.

I've not been keeping up with reading blogs lately.  Been really busy while in Houston visiting family and now in Austin doing our volunteering.   I do hope all is well and I will catch up as I can.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hey! Looked up Decker UMC and looks like it is very near the Exposition Center where the Ride for the Roses was staged for many years. Been there! Passed by the church many times via auto and bike both. Cool!

owensontheroad said...

I was worried about you guys! Last post said something about your cat, but it never was posted to your blog to read. Sorry to hear about the loss. Glad everything is ok!

Jerry / Carol said...

Beautiful church. Hope the weather improves for your time in Austin. Also glad you had a chance got meet up with Carol K. She is a real cool lady.

Remember - Keep Austin Weird.

Carol Kerr said...

Glad we had the chance to connect! The church is really beautiful... Hopefully the rest of your stay will be dry and you can get that mowing done. Kevin is heading to MO on Thursday to pick up the trailer. I'm leaving Friday (Saturday at the latest) after the movers show up and will meet him in Branson to start our first workamping job on Monday. Travel safe and enjoy the rest of your stay in Austin!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful looking old church. You're right, that woodwork looks awesome.

Rick said...

Rick and Paulette: for some reason my previous comment was attributed to 'Anonymous' - but it was me!

Donna W. said...

you're right it really is beautiful...love to mow huh...well next time you're in our area I'm sure Sam will let you try out John Deere

Movers Missouri City said...

hey also have had some flooding and new carpet and wood trim was put in place. The trim was never polyurethaned.

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