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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Still under the weather

Georgetown,  TX

We left Austin area yesterday and drove all of 31 miles to where we are now parked for a week.   But before we left it was breakfast with our NOMADS group.  Going around the table from the left:  John and Kitty Hahn, Midge Morris, Bub Morris and Leonard.

Such a nice RV park.     The cost is reasonable at $140.00 a week.   We can deal with that.

Early Wednesday morning (4 am) Leonard had enough.  He got up, got dressed and told me I was going to the hospital.    Okay.    One thing about hitting the ER at 4:30 am, it was not crowded and they took me right in, being the only patient.

Doctor and then a ER nurse checked me out.  Lungs seem to be clear.  They diagnosed me with bronchitis.  Put me on antibiotics and gave me a script for my coughing.   The antibiotics might be working but the cough pills sure aren't.

I have many coughing spells a day.  I cough so hard trying to bring up whatever that my body aches and I get a headache.     I still wonder if it is allergies.     I am exhausted.   I wanted to do so much while in this area that I need to start feeling better.

Enough of my dwelling on myself.     Instead I will dwell on how fortunate I am to be able to see all the great sights we've visited in the last two years!   And the friends we've made here online.


where's weaver said...

Phyllis...I hope that cough begins to subside TODAY! I am with you...so Blessed to meet so many people especially through our blog.
Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Sure hope you can kick this soon. Yes, can indeed be allergies. Hate to tell ya, but the most bouts of that sort of stuff I have ever experienced happened during the 3 years we lived in that area. It is very common. How about Halls drops for the cough? That's the only thing that seemed to help me at all.

Happytrails said...

Phyllis, sure hope you feel better real soon. All that coughing isn't fun and can cause some severe hurting.
Your NOMADS group looks like a really fun group. :-)
Take care of yourself!!

MargieAnne said...

I do hope the antibiotics work quickly but the allergy will be a different story. Do hope you get some relief today.

Coughing is not fun.

What a lovely man Len is.


PS do you know how to turn off the crazy 'prove you're not a robot' word verification. It's really hard to use. *smiles and hugs*

owensontheroad said...

So sorry to hear this thing is lingering for you. You must be exhausted. Special prayers for you to get over this!

JO said...

Phyllis, sorry you still are having such a bad cough. Soe times I use honey with a squirt of lemon on a talble spoon to stop the scratching in my throat. The pill to stop the cough must be something new. Never heard of a pill before.

Karol said...

Phyllis, I hope you are feeling better. I too am coughing but not that hard. I think I have a cold and allergies. Honey is good and so is hard candy. Take care and get better soon.