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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Houston, TX

We drove over to Houston on Friday to spend time with Len's daughter and her family.   WHEW!  The weather.  It was 85 and very humid.   Yesterday was much cooler, thankfully.

We've parked our rig about an hours drive from here on the opposite side of town nearer to Katy, TX at our friends Olga and Lola Halbert.   They are fellow NOMADS whom we've worked with twice.  They invited us to park there whenever we are in the area which we did last June also.  They set us up with 50 amp and water.   They are away at a Good Sams rally so we probably will not see them this them this trip.   A disappointment.    I took a picture of where we are parked but OOPS forget to bring the camera connection with me.

On Saturday we drove the 160+ miles each way back to Sulphur LA to attend the funeral of one of Len's cousins.   When we got back to Houston,  Len helped D'Juana and Joe, who have gutted one of their bathrooms and are in the process of completely redoing it.  I contributed by ordering delivery of Chinese food for dinner.  And staying out of their way.

Today Len will assist some more.  I will do as little as possible.

Tomorrow we will drive back to our rig to check on Lucky and spend  the night to return here on Tuesday night.  

The computer in the truck tells us it is time for an oil change so looks like we will have to find a place to have that done tomorrow.   Also, yesterday we heard a cracking sound and we now have a foot long crack on the windshield.   Nothing hit it that we noticed.  It just cracked as we were driving down I10.     Should have expected it.  Last month for the first in a long time we were under budget.

We need to be in Austin TX on Saturday to start a NOMADS project next Monday.   So our plan is to continue our visit here in Houston until Friday night when we will once again return to the rig and get ready to pull out Saturday morning.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Sounds like you guys stay busy. The comment you left me was right on thanks.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Phyllis, I am so proud of you doing your part in the renovations! ;) Yes, Houston traffic can be killer on windshields. I'm glad a crack is all that happened, even if it is an expense. Enjoy your time there and say Howdy to Austin for us!

owensontheroad said...

George's brother's daughter/SIL live in Katy. Small world! We'll be there in May..sans RV..flying this trip :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

If either of you buy books, the BEST resale book store is in Katy. Fabulous selection with great prices. Enjoy your week.

JO said...

You and Len are always so busy. But they are good deeds always.
To bad about the windshield. I would take it to a real glass shop. I had those guys that come to the house and my car flood so bad every time it rained. I had to have it replaces again. But did go to a glass dealer.

Donna W. said...

Sounds like you guys are working harder now that you are retired!
But I know Len loves using his hands and making things beautiful.
But sounds like you had a hard job too...making sure you had something that everyone would eat, can be difficult.
Take care and give Lucky a pat for me.

Jerry / Carol said...

Every time I drive through Houston, I am thankful I no longer live there. My daughter lives with walking distance to Reliant Stadium so we do vista periodically. I-10 on the west side is a monster in size and toll on vehicles.
Other than the traffic sucks, you will love Austin. If you get a chance to visit the state capital building, you will find a small museum on one of the upper floors that has a display of tools used to build the building. Some of those tools belonged to my great grandfather.
Travel safe.

Carol Kerr said...

Hi Phyllis, It looks like we will both be in Austin for "moments." We are hoping to leave on Monday, if I can finish up things with the house. Frankly, it's going slow, but would be great to have a bite to eat Saturday or Sunday evening.

Elaine said...

you two sure keep busy for retirees :)...but sounds like you enjoy it...take care and stay safe