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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From New Jersey to Louisiana

Sulphur,  LA
We left NJ on January 2 heading south.  The first night back on the road we over nighted in Wytheville, VA at "Camp Wallyworld".  Wytheville is 450 miles from NJ and 1/2 way between NJ and our son's home in Cullman, AL.   In addition, we have two nephews and their families who live in the area.  One wife, Wanda, works at the WalMart there and I was lucky enough to run into her while picking up a few items.  She had just finished her shift and was also shopping.  A short time later her hubby, Jim, stopped over.    A little later nephew Jason dropped by to visit with his family.  Here is Jason, Kelly and their two great kids Jason and Emilie.

Back on the road the next morning we drove the 450 miles to Cullman Campground in Cullman, AL where we stay while visiting son Lennie and his family.    On Saturday Len went with Lennie to watch granddaughter Maddie play basketball.    That is Maddie in the center.  I stayed in bed all day with some type of bug causing lots of dizziness. 

One of the nice things about Cullman Campground is the many burros and tame deer which are being raised on the road back to the sites.  I love these babies.

This trip, as all others, is not without incident.  I wear a partial plate which includes a upper front tooth I lost due to an abscess when I was in my 20's.   For a few days I noticed what felt like a hair or something attached to the plate.  I took out the partial to check it out and the dang thing broke in half!  Of course this had to happen just two days after leaving the area where my dentist is.  WHY NOT!   We went to Walgreens and purchased a dental adhesive hoping for a temporary fix.   Did not work.  

On Sunday I felt well enough that we could take Lennie and family out to dinner at the local Ruby Tuesday.   Feels funny trying to eat steak with less than a mouthful of teeth.   The young one in this picture is Lennie and Tammy's grandchild. 

We left Cullman early Monday morning knowing we had to put almost 600 miles behind us to arrive in Sulphur, LA later that day.    Once more - another incident.  Leonard remarked that we were having a problem with the deadbolt on the rig the night before.  He would put the key in and the lock would just spin around and not lock.  So he did not lock the deadbolt.   Mid day we stopped to grab some lunch and this time the deadbolt had locked and would not move.   We were locked out.   He tried and tried but to no avail.    So, we drove on to the Camping World in Hammond, LA.  They got right on it.  

They had to drill out the lock and fully replace the locks.  Over an hour and $200 later we were back on the road.   We finally arrived at Choupique RV Park outside of Sulphur close to 6 pm - 12 hours on the road.  We were beat.

The business yesterday was to find a dentist to determine if he could fix my dentures.  I would have liked to have new ones made but the dental assistant said they could not have them done before we pull out next week.   They would attempt to fix the ones I have.  I left the partial with them and was to go back this morning for impression.  They would then have the lab work on my set and I would have them back this afternoon.   GREAT!

Until I got a call later in the day.   Because I had attempted to glue them myself, they would not work on them as they were afraid they would not hold.   So here I am  - no front tooth and feeling very self-conscious.

Since we will be in Mercedes, TX for a full month, I am hoping to get a new partial while there.

Is has rained every day here since Jan 1.  Today has been a constant downpour.  This RV park is surround by bayou and I am hoping we don't float away during the night.   Can not believe it but the mosquitoes are out and it is only January!


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Wow, that's some whirlwind trip and a lot of miles in a short time. Let's see . . . glad you had some family time, sorry about the lock, glad you made it so far down South, sorry about the dentures. Glad you're safe and dry and hope the crik (bayou) don't rise!

Carol said...

Sure wish it would stop raining! Will be in Mission, TX sometime around January 21 through at least April, maybe longer... Hope we can connect again!

Laurie and George said...

Dang! You guys have more issues :( Hopefully the tooth issue will get solved in TX. The weather has been weird everywhere. It's colder than a barn here in CA.

Rick Doyle said...

Lots of stuff going on with you guys. Interesting about the deadbolt - I'll have to make sure ours is working well before locking it. Ouch.

Hope you get your dental work issues taken care of soon.

JO said...

I know here in Tucsun (which won't help) there are a few dentist that can make a plate the same day if you get there early enough in the morning. The latest by the next morning. Good Luck.

JO said...


where's weaver said...

So sorry to hear about always dental issues. I wonder why it takes so long just to make a partial plate. How can they do it in Mexico in like a day? And we can't do that in the United States.
Our dentist is from Mission and sends all his work back to Mission. He told us it just takes one day to get any dental work done and returned to Mexico, unless it is very extensive work.

Sounds like you to have been keeping very busy. 600 miles in one day...no way.

Peggy n David said...

Phyllis - we are here in Mission until the 22nd - we will have to get together.

We are going across to Nuevo Progresso and David will be getting a new bridge made - they promised 24 hours - I'll let ya know! We are going tomorrow for cleanings, and I think I have a cavity...

email me when you get here... cookone01 @ gmail dot com

Donna K said...

Sorry to hear about your problems, especially the dental. I wish I had waited until we get down to Algodones to get my work done. Russ will have his done there but I had already started before we thought of it. Cannot believe how expensive dental work has become.

Elaine said...

aww darn so sorry to hear of the dental issues...and the dead bolt..our last motorhome used to lock us out ....you have sure been gunning it...good luck with the dental repairs

Anonymous said...

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