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Thursday, January 17, 2013

King Ranch

Kingsville,  TX

We left Sulphur LA yesterday and drove the 370 miles or so to Country Estate RV Park here in Kingsville.  We will be here until tomorrow when to head to Mercedes, TX.

While in Louisiana we spent time with lots of people we love.  We visited with our good friends Diana and Toto and then went to dinner with them one night.  Sorry - forgot to take pictures.

We were invited to dinner at Len's sister Sissy's house.   From the left is Leonard's brother Royce, Leonard, Sissy's hubby David, Royce's wife Susie and Sissy.

The night before we left Leonard's nephew Scott took us out to dinner.  This is Scott, his girlfriend Rachel and Scott's niece Brooklyn.

So today here we are in Kingsville, home of

We first went to the visitors center where we saw a video of the history of the ranch.

   We took the bus tour of about an hour and a half.  Cost as seniors totaled $21.35.  It was well worth the cost.    The Texas ranch currently consists of over 825,000 acres.   It was founded in 1853 and has been family owned and managed since.    They also own citrus farms in Florida and ranches in Australia and other parts of the world.    They own land for growing cotton and sugar cane.  Of course, they have a relationship with Ford Motor Company.  All their trucks are Fords although not all with the King Ranch logo as our F350 does.  The rolling W is well recogonized.

The last three years in this part of Texas have been plagued by drought.   For example, water should be running over this dam and the stream full and running.

The ranch has many Quarter horses.   This is a prime stallion.   Beautiful!

And these are his three pregnant girlfriends.  The bus was moving and the picture is blurry.

There are a variety of cattle on the Ranch.   Longhorns:
 Santa Gertrudis:
 Santa Cruz  .....a newborn:
 On this property are several homes which the staff live in, barns, stalls, administration buildings, office buildings, a carriage house, sale barns, school house, stores and even a church.  But most impressive is the family home.   This house is 32,000 sf.   The bus is not permitted to stop at the house but it drives by really sssslllllooooowwwww.
 The transom windows were made by Tiffany
We saw many wildlife such as deer, various native birds, and a coyote.  One part of the ranch includes a hunting preserve which is a main money maker.  There is one section of oil rigs. 
The founder of King Ranch only had 7 months of formal schooling.  He was orphaned in England and no family member wanted him.  He stowed away on a ship coming to America.   He wound up in Texas and decided to "buy land".  His original 15,000 acress cost 2 cents on acre.  He met and married a local pastors daughter and together they had 5 children.   Only the youngest daughter remained on the ranch after marrying a local lawyer.   Captain King died at age 60 of stomach cancer.  His wife lived for another 40 years and was instrumental in the expansion of the ranch. 
On another note .... thanks to each of you who left comments on my allergic reaction to Niaspan.   I felt lightheaded for a few days but I'm just fine now.   I have started a morning regiment of oatmeal that I am told help many people to lower with cholesterol numbers.    Many of you remember dear Margie and Bruce.   I use her crockpot recipe with  blueberries and think of her every time I make it which is now every third day.    The recipe makes enough for 6 helpings.    Margie was an inspiration to many of us and through her passing on this recipe is still doing good.  She is missed.


Laurie and George said...

I had never heard of King Ranch. Beautiful house (mansion!). Glad you are feeling better! I think of Margie & Bruce often too.

MargieAnne said...

Another place to add to our 'hope to visit' list.

Glad you are well again and able to enjoy being out and about.


Judy and Emma said...

With all the time I've spent in Texas, I've never visited the King Ranch. Thanks for giving me a view.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I have oatmeal almost everyday.I think it does help my cholesterol.

where's weaver said...

Great news Phyllis about you feeling so much better.

We may stop at the King Ranch on our way back to Houston. We're actually going to head from Mission up to Hill Country and that might be a stop we could make. Thanks for the tour.

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Rick Doyle said...

Thanks for a great tour and story about the King Ranch. It's definitely quite a place and Texas sized!!

MargieAnne said...

2nd comment n this post. *smile*

This morning I came across this pancake/waffle recipe and thought of you.

Here's the link. http://tippytoediet.com/2013/01/recipe-super-simple-apple-cinnamon-waffles-or-pancakes/ They sound delicious and so easy to make.