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February 15 (Approximately) to June - Gate Guarding, TX or LA.

June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Monday, January 21, 2013

Settling in for a month

Mercedes, TX  

We arrived in Mercedes on Friday and got set up out in the country.   Since we do not start our NOMADS project until Monday, January 28 we have a week to do other stuff.  

There is currently a team at work at the church where there are 6 RV sites.  The church also has 6 full hookup sites about 3 miles away behind a house they've used for teams that have stayed here while working on housing in the area, etc.  Currently the church organist lives in the house.

We have 13 people (8 rigs) scheduled for the next 3 week project.    Some of the people are working this period and will be staying on at the church property for the next 3-week project.    A total of 5 rigs will be stationed at the church and we will be joined by two out here.   

We were bragging about how quiet it is here - that is until Saturday night.   Loud music blared from  a house about 1/4 mile away and continued until 2 am.  We are told that occurs most Saturdays.    I can not imagine being able to talk or even think with music that loud.   It kept me awake until it quieted down. 

Before we left Kingsville we had a visitor several times.   Here he is looking in the door.  Perhaps he kept returning because of "someone" leaving slices of ham at the door?  Gosh he was so cute and affectionate.  He looked and acted so much like a cat we had named Waldo.

On Saturday the Mercedes United Methodist Church hosted a luncheon for all the NOMADS working in the area.

 The emcees were our good friends Olan and Lola Halbert. 

Following the luncheon Olan was our auctioneer where over $2,400 was raised for the cause.

Saturday night we met up with Olan and Lola and 4 of their RV club friends in the town on Alamo where an RV park held a dance.  They, like us, like to two-step.    

Once more my usual fortune prevailed.    Leonard and I were doing the 38 step and I was remarking about how slippery the floor was.   Good thing I have plenty of backside padding.  It came in handy when it hit the floor.   Neck began to tighten up so we left about an hour later.  I came back to the rig and took an Aleve.  It gave me an upset stomach which lasted through the night.  So that might be some of the reason the loud music kept me awake too.   I've noticed I get an upset stomach with other pain meds.  Daughter Terri suggested I try a buffered aspirin.  I am thinking she is right.

On Sunday morning we attended church then in the afternoon met with our friends Peggy and David. 

Peggy and I have been "online" friends for years.  We visited them in her hometown in Pennsylvania back in the fall of 2011.   It was so good seeing them again.

Lunch was at

For sure we ate too much.
Today we are doing a bit and cleaning and lounging.  I've made a pot of soup.  Not my best effort.  It is lacking something.   I usually make really good soup and this pot just does not cut it.  Tastes too much like Campbells!    
Oh, almost forgot, it's also Leonards birthday today!


owensontheroad said...

Happy birthday, Leonard! You keep an eye on your gal..she's having some bad luck lately :)

where's weaver said...

A very happy birthday to you Leonard. For just arriving, you two have been extremely busy.

I hope you feel better today Phyllis. Glad you were not seriously hurt.

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Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Hey Leonard HAPPY BIRTHDAY old man wish we were with you guys..

Unknown said...

That is one cute little kitten! Does it have an owner?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Leonard. Take care, Phyllis.

Judy H. (Cat Lady)
Baton Rouge, LA

Carol Kerr said...

Happy Birthday Leonard! Once again we're in the same neighborhood. I just started a job in Mission, TX. This week is crazy since I just started, but maybe we can connect before you guys leave the area.

JO said...

Happy Birthday Leonard!
Be careful Pyllis, I only take tylenol doesn't do a really good job but it doesn't give me side effects

MargieAnne said...

Happy Birthday to Leonard and it sounds as though he really is a very happy man back in harness with Nomads.

Hope you are OK after your tumble.


Donna W. said...

Happy Birthday Len.
Now phyllis you got to start watching out....1st allergic reaction, now a fall...what gives girl...I know Len gives you such good care you just want more.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Happy Birthday!