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Monday, October 12, 2009

Air mattress and busy weekend

We just came off a very busy weekend. Len had a state furlough day on Friday and is off today due to Columbus Day, giving us a four day weekend.

Sadly Friday was spent at a funeral for one of our fireman at Seabrook Fire and Rescue. He had been chief twice. Bill was only 57. He was feeling nausea and had the sweats on Sunday the 3rd. He took a shower, got out and collapsed with a heart attack dying immediately. Our heart goes out to this wife and daughter.

Saturday morning we met Amy halfway and got Charlotte. We attended the Gant family reunion and then the 18th annual pig roast that one of our local nurseymen and wife throws each year. Over 200 people attend. Charlotte loves it as there is a DJ and lots of kids and dancing. So glad Len is more ambitious than me. He does the running after her.

On Sunday it was church and later the same nurseyman has a hay ride with hot dogs, etc after. This is a must attend for lots of people in our church. This is the third year we took Charlotte. Afterward we took her home to White Hall MD and got to see Abby for a few minutes.

Today it was off to Scott Motor Coach in Lakewood NJ, a 92 mile trip each way. The original air mattress in the Montana would not hold air. The new one came in. Len just installed it and is laying on it watching an old Roy Rogers movie. They both seem to be working - the air mattress and the movie (not Len).

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Margie M. said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. So sad to be gone so young. My condolences to all.