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Monday, October 26, 2009

Oysters, oysters and more oysters

Not much to post here today about Rving.

But, yesterday we had our yearly fill of fried oysters. A volunteer fire company about 15 miles from here has an oyster/ham dinner twice a year. As we have done a few times before, we attended with our Pastor Tom Austin and his wife, Barb. Tom, Len and I love oysters. Barb does not like most seafood so she filled up on ham and the sides. The dinner is served family style and the young waitress was great in keeping that oyster platter filled as we did our very best to keep it empty.

Len was saying last night how much he will miss Tom and Barbara. Tom is in the process of becoming completely ordained in the United Methodist Church. The process should be complete next June. They asked if we would be around at the time as a celebration will be planned. As a matter of fact, yes. We are due in the Pittsburgh area early in the month for a Montana Owners Club rally. Then our granddaughter Abby turns 1 on June 10. We hope to be around for that. We plan to spend about a month in NJ visiting and getting caught up on doctor and dentist appointments.

On Saturday Len spent some time organizing our Fiver basement. We need two or three more large plastic storage containers. We will go to WalMart tomorrow night.

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