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Friday, October 23, 2009

A girls tea party

Yesterday I took Mom with me to visit Amy and the girls down in Maryland. Amy kept the girls home from "school" for the day. Charlotte is now 3 and Abby was 4 months on the 10th.

Immediately upon arrival around 11 we went out for lunch nearby right over the Pennsylvania line. Then we came back to the house and visited. A little later Amy offered tea and pumpkin bread. She and Charlotte decided to make it a "tea party". Charlotte has three tea sets. She helped set the table and we each had some "tea" from one of her dainty little tea pots and cups. Amy says Charlotte sets the table every night for dinner. She also clears her place at the table. She attempted to clear her plates at the restaurant too.

About two Charlotte was ready for her nap and it was time for us to leave knowing how the traffic would on I95 as we neared Wilmington. Amy says Abby does not take hardly a nap and wakes frequently at night. She does smile a lot and now has two teeth which may be causing her some discomfort, thence little sleep.

We had a perfectly lovely day. A real girls "tea party".

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Margie M. said...

What a delightful day for all of you girls. When my Mom was still with us, she enjoyed visiting with her Great-Granddaughter a lot. It was nice for you to all be together for that special tea party. Thanks for sharing your day.