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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Planning my day.

Here I sit - really retired and nothing pressing to do.

So far today I have surfed the net reviewing various RVing blogs. It has been a while since I have caught up with several people's travels and activities.

Now I will get myself moving and run to the grocery store, produce stand and fill up the gas tank.

Len says there is another woman at work interested in buying my car. We are hoping this one pans out. I will take the money and apply it all towards our Montana loan. How much we want to get this burden paid down asap. We still owe on the F250 but with a "zero %" loan - we are in no big hurry to pay it off.

With me not working, we need to become more frugal. Bottom line, this means less eating out. That is okay. We both need to watch our diets. I spent sometime yesterday planning the next three nights dinners with healthy recipes. I can actually only plan 3-4 nights out as our RV refrigerator space is very limited.

Okay = off to the store.

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Margie M. said...

Enjoyed your blog and I'm glad I found it. Eating healthy out in the RV world can be a challenge. So many of those "bad foods" call to me. I'll just have to wear earplugs. I'm going to "follow" your blog now to see how you enjoy F/T living.