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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Come on Phillies

So, here we are. World Series - Phillies one win, Yankees two. Fourth game later tonight. Sure would love those champions to make it two years in a row.

It has been raining most of the weekend. We finally got three more storage bins. Len filled them yesterday and organized the "basement" of the Montana. He also moved the cargo trailer to an empty site next to us. It will be easier to hitch up when we get ready to take it to Alabama on the 25th. I hope to meet TJ who lives in Alabama about two hours from Lennie, Tammy and the girls. We "talk" on the Weight Watchers RV thread.

Yesterday we went to an Amish Market about a half hour from here. Had to get out of there ASAP as the pastries were calling us both. Afterward we stopped at an RV dealer and looked at some of their used Motorhomes and Fivers. No, we are not interested in going backward, but we really enjoy looking at various rigs.

Earlier tonight I called Maryland and talked to Amy then Charlotte. She is quite the talker although I really can't follow some of her 3 year old talking. Terri and Steve had a good week at the cabin but had to install a new hot water heater and ran out of propane the last morning. The old tanks can not be refilled. We bought two 100 lbs tank last winter to use here. They will go to the cabin the next time someone heads that way.

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Margie M. said...

I'm bummed out the Phillies are behind. Dang those Yankees! There is always hope, though. It isn't so much I'm a Phillie fan as I'm the "anti-Yankee fan". :)

My Mom's family all hails originally from NJ up near East Rutherford and Carlstadt! We need to get to NJ and really explore. Haven't seen much of it yet.