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Monday, November 30, 2009

Long, long travel day

Terri and Steve arrived shortly before 4 pm. Having left Wytheville VA 12 hours ago we were now just 30 miles up the road. The men loaded the truck on to my brothers car trailer. We had not 2 inches to spare. The weight of the truck caused a hissing noise from one trailer tire. They found a small nail in it. Len went in the gas station and got a can of tire fix. Luckily we also checked the spare and aired it up.

So, off we went. The traffic was still horrendous. Stop and go. Go and quick stop. All the while the brakes on my brothers truck would occasionally overheat. We take it really slow and stay well behind all vehicles as we traveled up and down the Va mountains. About 120 miles up the Interstate, the above mentioned tire blew! There was very little room on the shoulder and Terri and I were more than a little nervous as our men changed the tire. Now we have 300 more miles to travel and no spare. The cars and trucks at this area were now whizzing by at a precariously close distance.

We take off again. About an hour later we stop for some dinner. By this time is was around 8 pm. Fortunately we noticed a lessen of traffic congestion when we got back on the Interstate. We stopped for gas. I went inside to use facilities and got a soda for Len and coffee for me. When I came out, I stepped down from the curb and not looking, tripped over the concrete car barrier. Soda, coffee and Phyllis went flying and skidding across the parking lot. There went my coffee. Today I am bruised and somewhat sore.

Finally we get to the Delaware Memorial Bridge that cross the Delaware River taking us into New Jersey. WAIT! Another traffic backup. This is a 4 lane bridge. Three outside lanes were closed down. When we got to the top of the bridge there must have been 15 police/rescue vehicles. We looked over to see a car parked sideways and a man standing on the bridge railing. This is obviously someone threatening to jump.

So we get off the bridge, go about five miles and find our usual route home was detoured. WHY NOT! At around 3:15 am we get to Terri and Steves. We unload the truck and Len and I take my brothers car and trailer to his house about 25 miles in the opposite direction. We get back to our home at 4:15 am, more than 24 hours since we started this leg of our trip and what should have been a 7 1/2 to 8 hour drive.

Len set alarm for 5:45. We kept one of Steves cars (having sold mine 2 weeks ago). I took Len to work then went to Terri and Steves as Len had already called for a tow to the dealership. The tow driver arrived about 45 minutes later. We are now waiting to hear the results. We really do think this is the same problem they said they fixed in September.

I will get Len from work in about 45 mintues. He must be exhausted. I am. We are deeply grateful to Steve and Terri. They had a long, long day too and both also had to get up early and go to work.

But we are all safe and at home. Thank you God!


Margie M. said...

Well, could anything else have gone wrong?? What a time of it you all had, but I'm glad you are now home safely.

At least when you fell you didn't break something. Small mercy after the rest of this fiasco. Get some rest.

NWlambear said...

WOW...what an ordeal! Glad to hear you didn't hurt yourself in the fall. And glad to also hear that you made it home. I'm very familar with the Delaware Memorial Bridge. When I was in 1st and 2nd grade my family lived in Collins Park, New Castle, DE...and I remember seeing the lights on the bridge...I thought it looked like a diamond necklace at the time...lol.