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Monday, November 9, 2009


Yes, we did go to Atlantic City on Friday. Yes, we did donate $40. to the casino (Harrahs). It took all of 15 minutes at the most. I will never understaned how anyone gets enjoyment losing money. As I've said - we go down about once every other year or so. We will probably give futher small "donations" as many casinos throughout the country offer free RV parking.

AND it looks like we've sold my car. We accepted a deposit yesterday and the buyer said he will be back tomorrow with the cash. So for the next two months if I need to have a vehicle during the day I will have to take Len to work. As the prison is less than three miles from here it is really not an issue.

On the matter of selling the car and donating: Our church is putting on an addition. When they announced it two months ago, I felt an urge to make a contribution to the building fund. I told Len and he said go for it. However, I've put it off and put it off as our income has drastically dropped since I stopped working on September 30. In those two months we've had three people express an interest in my car but no takers. Well yesterday I wrote out that check. Right after we got home from church I got the phone call from this gentleman. He came over and agreed to my asking price. I sold the car for 3 times what we donated to the church. Coincidence? We do not believe it is. It seems every time we step out in faith - it brings a reward.

On Saturday night Len and I attended our first CORE meeting following our Retrouvaille weekend. There were 8 couples attending. What a dynamic group of people. What a great program. We are truly thankful we were put it this direction. Another blessing from God. Life is good.

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Margie M. said...

Phyllis...it was pure and simple a "God thing". Bless you for thinking of adding to the church building fund.