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June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Friday, November 6, 2009

Always next year.

Damn Yankees, what more can I say.

Two days ago I turned 66. Yup, 66. Terri and Steve came over with roses and cheesecake. The roses are still here. The cheesecake is gone.

Last month Len had the truck worked on, including maintenace on the transmission. We never had an issue with the transmission. Since the work was done on it, we have had problems. When the transmission is cold, he has to floor it for it to shift. Even I can hear the difference. So back to the shop it went yesterday. Please, we need no problems with the truck. Why is it that so often the problems occur AFTER a vehicle is serviced????

Tonight we are going to dinner to celebrate my birthday. I am thinking we have not been to Atlantic City for a few years. Perhaps we should take our usual $20. each and give a donation to the slots.

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Margie M. said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Phyllis. I'm sorry the Phillies didn't win to give you that birthday gift. Hope you enjoy the casino.