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Friday, November 13, 2009

RV show or Nor'easter

We had planned on going to the Altantic City RV show tomorrow. However, the last few days we have been hit with the remnants of hurricane Ida causing rains, winds and flooding down the shore. Atlantic City and the surrounds have lots of road closings and power outages. So I guess we will see what tomorrow morning brings.

Even though we have a new Fiver (and for sure are not in the market for an RV) we still love to take walk-throughs of others. Just two weeks ago, having nothing to do on a Saturday morning, we stopped at a local dealer and looked at their used stock. Nothing compared even remotely to our Montana.

I got lots done yesterday. I took our precious Lucky and had him declawed. Front claws only. I was tired of his continuing jumping up on me and digging into my flesh. Then I picked up groceries at WalMart. I stopped at State Farm and cancelled my car insurance. I also had the agent prepare a form for our bank as we refinanced the Montana at a much lower rate and then I dropped it off at the bank. We had originally financed through the dealer. Once the house is settled, the Montana will get paid off and we will be debt free again. But in the meantime, we like having a lower financing rate. Time to clean our "house" today and make a nice pot of vegetable beef soup using leftover London Broil from last night along with the bits and pieces of veggies I save and freeze for just such an occasion.

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Margie M. said...

Veggie beef stew...yummy! Hope it warmed you up after such rainy days.