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Monday, December 28, 2009


Terri and Steve's family room decorated out for Christmas

This picture was taken Christmas Eve at Mom's house. There is Leonard in his Christmas Cowboy hat, great-niece Siani, my daugther Terri, top of the head of son-in-law Steve and grandson Justin.

Well, I had been feeling quite run down starting about two weeks ago. I thought I was just being lazy. I managed Christmas Eve service at Terri's church as Steve was singing a solo. He has an outstanding voice and many people have commented on it since. After service we went across the street to my mothers for snacks.

We had Christmas morning breakfast at Terri and Steves. Also attending were Steve's mother, Grandson Justin and my ex-husband and his wife. Then we came home to relax a while before going back to Terri's for dinner.
I woke up Saturday feeling really poorly and completely exhausted. We decided a trip to the ER was in order. Seems I have been suffering with some type of flu. They gave me an IV and prescription. I came home and slept rest of day.

Yesterday I debated going to church but since we have so few weeks left to attend, I got up, got showered and we went. I could not stand for the hymns or readings. We did not stay for Sunday School. We came home and I went to bed. There I stayed until our friends Peggy and Bill called to say they were coming over. It is always a pleasure to spend time with them and I am glad their visit forced me out of bed.

Today I took Len to work as I needed the truck to take Lucky for his "procedure". He is not feeling very lucky about this time, I would think.
This afternoon Leonard and I have Dr. appointments to get our medical records and make sure our all meds are a Walmart $4.00 brand. Tomorrow night we will get Charlotte and keep her until Thursday night. A friend of Len's owns a very nice local restaurant. He is treating Len, Charlotte and I to dinner on Wednesday night as his way of saying goodbye for now.
We have many friends and relatives we will miss as we travel and voltunteer. But our return in June is just a short 5 months away.

BTW, I am feeling better today than I have for over two weeks. Those meds must be working.

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