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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We had to make a decision

We have often talked about "trading up someday" from a F250 to a F450 Ford Pickup. The reason being, a F450 has dual back wheels and had a higher rated towing capacity.

When Len was at the Ford dealership about our truck repairs, he saw the truck salesman we have always dealt with. Jim told Len about a 2008 F450 they have on the lot as a trade in. He could not show it to him at that time as someone had it out with the intention of buying it. But if the deal fell through, he would give Len a call. Well, the potential buyer could not get the financing so we got the call to come look.

We looked at the truck and loved it. There are so many reasons to have a F450. Had we known in 2006 that we would be pulling a Fifthwheel trailer all around the country, this is what we would have bought back then. We seriously considered buying the F450. However, we only owe $8,000 on our current truck. And the loan is at 0% interest. We have often considered just paying it off; but why do that when the money is better left in the bank making a few dollars each month.

With trading in our F250 the cost of the F450 would be $17,000. Not a bad deal. But we would still owe the $8,000. Len was leaning toward trading up. He really wanted that truck. A calmer head prevailed - mine. When he told the salesman no, he came down another $2,000 on the price. Still no. (Lesson learned - NEVER agree to the first deal they offer.)

Considering all, we both know we made the right decision Our truck is able to do the job we need done. It has the tow package that includes the engine brake, a heavier suspension and helper springs. It is able to pull our rig through mountains with ease, even using the cruise control option. AND we are getting a brand new engine and lots of other new stuff installled this week. The old engine never gave us a bit of trouble and is only being replaced because of possible contamination from the coil issue.

Len only has 19 more work days. We have between 30 and 34 more days until we take off. We decided to travel a different route south this time. We usually go the shortest route inland through the Virginia mountains. However, we decided to follow the coast to Florida and then head west. At this time of the year, we have experienced heavy snow in the Virginia mountains. The coastal route is longer, but isn't this what Fulltiming is all about? Taking our time and seeing something different.


Margie M. said...

Sometimes things just work out for the best don't they? You know your situation better than anyone else, but it sounds like you made the best decision. The coastal route will be a nice way to go...have fun planning.

Peggy n David said...


Aren't these decisions hard to make? We debated putting a 'chunk' on our MH after we paid off all our bills, so we would really be debt free...but then decided against it, since we can still deduct the interest on taxes...and we didn't want to be short on 'ready' cash.

See you on the road :)

NWlambear said...

So you guys pull your 5ver with a Ford-250? What 5ver do you have? I'm originally from the East coast...born in Delaware. Where do you park your RV home when you are not traveling?????