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Monday, December 21, 2009

What a week it has been

Looking at our back window at our bike seats - snow cones?

I started feeling "run down" last Wednesday or so. By Friday I could hardly get out of bed. I wanted to sleep but had a hard time doing so. Then the coughing started and the sweats. Without getting graphic I will say there were other issues too. Today is the first day I am feeling almost like myself again.

On a happier note, we got the truck back on Friday. Sure does make the husband happy.

We have been hit with a MAJOR snow storm. We have about 25 inches of the white stuff all around us. Len was called in to the prison to plow on Saturday at 2 pm. He got done at 7 am on Sunday. They called him back Sunday evening at 6 and he plowed until 6 am this morning. At 7 he went into the facility to start his regular job for the day. He gets done at 3:30. He just called and said his boss told him to go to his shop, plop his feet up at his desk and go to sleep. If he is needed, they will call him. He said he went to sleep at right after 6 and just now woke up at 8:30. He told his inmates to come get him at 10:30 so he can take them to their lunch.

Since we didn't have the truck, then I felt so bad on Friday, then the snow, then Len working 19.5 hours today - looks like tomorrow is my best shot to get those few gifts bought.

And our cat, Lucky, got Lucky again. He was supposed to go to vets for neutering today. Since there is no way I was going out last night to take Len to work so I could have the truck this morning, Lucky maintains his manhood for one more week.

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