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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Promise of a job

We are scheduled for NOMADS projects 2/1 to 2/18 in the Rio Grande Valley. Our next assignment is not until 4/25 in Kansas, leaving us lots of time in between.

As Len is retiring from NJDOC at 61 he does not get social security for another year. Since he is, in effect, quitting his current job he is not eligible for unemployment as I was not because I left my job on my own. However, if he is re-employed and earns 6x his weekly NJ benefit rate and then is laid off, he can make a claim for unemployment benefits from back here in NJ. This is all done online.

Lens' sister manages a business that belongs to her son-in-law that does work in refineries in the Beaumont TX area. Len spoke to Sissy two nights ago. They can use him for several weeks in late February and into March as he has years of refinery experience before he met me and moved to NJ.

YIPPEE!! A short term job promise and when it is over, the ability to collect unemployment with possible additional temp jobs down the road. Now, I feel so much better about our financial situation. So it looks like we now know where we will be headed following the first NOMAD project. Putting Leonard to work!


Margie M. said...

Phyllis, I'm so glad everything will work out with the unemployment benefits and a temp. job for your husband. God is good....all the time!

Unknown said...

Hi fellow RVer! Got you site address from Margie's (in Tumwater) site. Glanced through some of your posts....my husband and I are 66 and 68. I think we might have a lot in common. We've been struggling to even get out there on the road. Got the 5ver ('Cougar') and truck. Please join me on my Blog...I'll try to keep in touch via blog and facebook if you are are there. Happy Trails to you both!!!!

Peggy n David said...

Phyllis - where in the valley will you be??? We're in Rockport, TX, and we expect to get to Harlingen at least once...I'd love to meet you!!!