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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A few hours here and there.

On the positive side - my mother was released from the hosptial two days ago. I talk to her frequently and she sounds good. She agrees that she will work with the physical therapist coming to the house to help her improve her walking capacity. I reminded her that Len's mother refused to cooperate with the therapist two years ago and now cannot use either legs or arms. They tell Mom that what put her in hospital may or may not reoccur.

Today we had time off from sitting with Len's mother for a few hours. We did our grocery shopping and then visited about an hour with his cousin Russell and wife Margie. We always enjoy seeing them. We had to be back at the house by 2:30.

We are here now until relieved by his brother Jerry and wife Irene. Then we have to be back by 7 tomorrow morning. We are hoping to have most of this weekend free.

It is very difficult for Len and I to sit around all day. He watches TV, I read or get on the computer. We are both used to being more active and not accustomed to being tied down. This is a challenge for our patience.

There are times when we feel really frustrated. We have been planning our life on the road for a few years. Early last year it was delayed due to our own personal reasons and it looked like we would never live the Fulltime RV Life. Then we decided to take off October 1 only to be told Len had skin cancer. (Thank God that was not the case). Then we decided to take off Jan. 11 but I ended up in hospital Jan 5. Then the date was January 31. Don't you know a snow storm hit, causng a one day delay only. So off we went February 1. Looking back, we have been "on the road" 12 weeks. But only 4 1/2 of those weeks we have been free to travel.

Will our day ever come? As many people of our age have come to find, there can be many obligations and circumstances beyond our control causing the best laid plans to be put on delay or cancelled. Will we eventually travel? We can only hope to be able "some day".

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Margie M. said...

God has plans for us, Phyllis, and sometimes we just can't see them. God knows your desires and if it is His will...you'll be doing it at some point. Testing our patience must give God a laugh or two sometimes I think!!!