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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My sister called me yesterday from NJ. My own mother is now in the hospital. Seems she was in a lot of pain - first chest, then stomach and back. They believe it is pancreatitis. A gall stone between pancreas and gall bladder. Possibly she will have to have gall bladder removed. I talked to Mom twice yesterday and again today. She sounds good. Yesterday had no discomfort, today some but bearable.

I asked if I needed to return to NJ. Sister, brother and Mom tell me no. I will take it day by day. If I need to go, Len will have to stay here to continue care of his mother.

Len's mother had a good day yesterday, when we saw her this morning not so good. She might be tired from yesterday. As far as I could tell, she got up early and did not take any naps all day.

Starting tomorrow Len and I will be sitting with her all day until the weekend. We will stay over in the house on Tuesday night. Len has told his family we will have to go to South Dakota for a week in May to get our drivers licenses. We also plan to return to NJ for a month in June. However, this is all up in the air as if we are not here during weekdays it leaves one sister-in-law to provide all the care during those hours. It is too much for any one person.


Margie M. said...

My gosh, Phyllis! You guys sure have your hands full. I'll keep you in my thoughts and pray for the best.

Peggy n David said...

Phyllis - prayers are with you my friend.

Just as an aside, we got both the car and the motorhome plated here in Hondo, and it was $387 for BOTH of them...that is less than either one in WY.
We start our search for Texas insurance tomorrow :)