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Friday, April 16, 2010

A schedule is set

We arrived back in Louisiana mid afternoon on the 14th. Our sister-in-law Susie was at Mom's along with family friend Christina. Susie really needed relief as she has been here most days tending to Mom.

We are parked next to Mom's house. There was water and electric available and Len ran pipes to get us sewer hookups as it appears we will be here for a length of time.

Royce and Susie stayed with Mom Wednesday night. We stayed all day Thursday. Brother Bobby and sister Laura stayed with her last night and will today. We met with brother Jerry, Laura, Bobby and sister Sissy last night. They worked out a schedule until late next week. We will stay in the house next Tuesday night. During the weekend various siblings will stay with her. Starting Monday the days will have to be covered by Susie, Len and I along with help from Christine.

As we are right here, even on days when it is not our full responsibility, we will be in and out checking on things as will all other siblings when their schedule permits it. Most of the siblings and in-laws work so their responsibilities will be mostly nights or weekends.

Len is again, trying to find work to supplement our meager income. If that happens, I will stay with Mom weekdays. That is fine as long as Christine is here too. She is able to lift Mom. I would not even attempt to try. I have seen times when Len has difficulty. Mom is completely limp when moved. Her legs drag and get tangled up causing a tripping hazard. Each time she is moved it takes two people, the stronger one to lift and the other to move her legs.

I am proud of how the family is getting together and each helping in their own way.

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Margie M. said...

Team work will help all of you during this trying time. Hang in there Phyllis. God Bless You!