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Monday, April 26, 2010

Texas Welcome Center

Entering Texas from Louisiana on I10 you cross over the Sabine River. We have passed this welcome center for many, many years but never stopped. Len grew up just off the last exit in Louisiana. In fact, his family house was moved when he was a teenager to make room for I10. Most of our shopping is done right over the border in Orange, Texas.

Last week we stopped at the center because we wanted a full size Texas map. We found a lot more. In addition to the usual travel information, there are clean rest rooms and a staff that is very helpful and informative.

But the real treat is behind the main building. There is a long boardwalk stretching out over a swampy area. Along the boardwalk are benches for sitting and signage relating to the history of the area and its abundant wildlife. To be sure, there must be times visitors are able to spot an alligator or two.

We had a break from our care responsibilities this past weekend. On Saturday we traveled about 130 miles to Clear Lake, Texas (just south of Houston) and visited with Len's daughter D'Juana, her husband Joe and our grandchildren Alex, Jared and Lindsey. We arrived back in Louisiana around 3 on Sunday. It was a nice respite and always a pleasure to see our family in Texas.
Most of this week we will be caring for Mom. We came over this morning at 7 am and will be here until tomorrow night until 7pm. Then back Wednesday from 7am to 7 pm. Then Thursday 7am to Friday night 7 pm. After this , we ask that we have the weekend free.
Len's Mom is still having semi-good days. However, we notice that she is not able to urinate as often as she did. She thinks she has to, but then is unable. It might take three trips to the bathroom before she finally is able to go. Some days she sleeps most of the day, others she is awake most of the day.


Margie M. said...

I'm glad that all of you in the family are taking respite breaks from the daily care. As a caretaker, it is important to care for yourselves, too. You are all just angels! I hope the week goes well for everyone.

Unknown said...

If you look right outside the doors at the beginning of the bordwalk there is a known resident gator. About 6' and if you whistle to him / her, it will come.