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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to work and liking it.

Hayesville,  NC

We arrived back in Hayesville to our NOMADS project late Sunday afternoon.

These are some of the rigs all lined up.   Hinton provides full hookups to its' volunteers.

From the back porch of the "lodge" we see this fantastic view.  The distant mountains are Georgia.

We were only able to work on Monday last week before being called to return to Louisiana.   On that day and also this past Monday we worked in three different buildings changing out light fixtures.  The Center received a grant that enabled them to change all fixtures over to high energy efficient lighting.
We also removed an inactive exhaust fan in a hallway of a housing unit.   Len also installed a fan/lighting fixture standing on a 16 foot ladder in the center of the Chapel.   I wish I had gotten a picture of that one.

On the way to and from Louisiana and North Carolina we drove through the Cherokee National Forest.  On the way back on Sunday we saw hundreds of white water rafters on the Ocoee River.

Lake Ocoee - Tennessee
At the start of the rafting - it's over the Dam:
This part looks a wee bit calmer.
I would have to be sure I would come out alive from this adventure before I would get in one of these contraptions.   However, of the hundreds of rafters we saw, only one was turned over and the people appeared to be having a good time laying in the water.   I'm guessing they were still alive.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Glad you are back in NC safe and sound and enjoying your work and site! I've rafted in Texas and it was kinda fun and kinda skeery! Thanks for the photos. Loved 'em.

Margie M. said...

Beautiful view of those mountains. Sounds like you are busy now and that is a good thing. You've had a rough couple of months and getting back to what you want to do is wonderful.