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February 15 (Approximately) to June - Gate Guarding, TX or LA.

June, 2014 - Up to Alaska!

September - NOMADS Annual Meeting, Branson, MO

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Driving through driving rain.

Hayesville,   NC

Drive into Riverside Campground.
We left Abingdon VA at 7 am this morning.   At first the weather was fine then the dark clouds gathered.  The trip took 4 hours.   For much of the trip we were in driving rain.  I have to say, I white knuckled it as we drove the mountains coming down at 8% grades with not only the rain but fog.  

Down a mountain in the rain
As we arrived at our destination, there was construction work going on.  Lucy, our GPS told us to make a left turn.  It was a small dirt road and luckily we overshot it.   We had to drive more than 3 miles to turn around.   Yesterday I received an email from our leaders Dian and Don warning us about the construction and telling us to look for the NOMADS sign and saying there was a larger sign at the road indicating to turn for Goldhagen Art Glass.   

Sure glad we overshot that dirt road Lucy told us to turn into.  Once more she was attempting to play a trick on us.    Coming back we found the correct road.   Hey, this road was no walk in the woods either.  Narrow, steep and winding.  At last - the sign for Hinton Rural Life Center, our destination.  

Our leaders came out of the motorhome to welcome us.  The selection of sites was limited.  We picked the only one we could possibly get into.    We realize these agencies are not campgrounds.  They provide these sites as a benefit to the workers.   But it sure would have been great if they put the sewer dump on the correct side.   Good thing we have lots of hose.

Where we stayed last night was not far from where my nephew lives with his family.    Emilie - if you read this, we are sorry.   We hear that you were upset that you did not get to see Uncle Len last night.  Sweetie - we promise next trip through we will stop to visit with you.  Love and kisses.

On this day, we remember the events of nine years ago.   On this day, we reflect how fortunuate we are to live in this country.  On this day and every day we pray for God's continued blessing in this the greatest country in the world.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Your Lucy sounds like a trickster! Call me a dinosaur; I just use good old-fashioned maps. Glad you guys made it safe and sound to your destination! Enjoy!

Happytrails said...

Glad you all arrived safely and were able to find a site that fit you. Hope you enjoy your NOMAD assignment.

MIke & Gerri (happytrails)