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Monday, September 6, 2010

Last weekend before heading out.

Driftwood, PA, White Hall, MD and Elmer, NJ

On Thursday night we drove down to Amy and Scott's and spent the night.   We packed up the girls Friday morning and headed to our family cabin in Driftwood, PA about a 4.5 hour drive from their home.  The girls slept most of the way.

My (Phyllis) parents bought this cabin about 43 years ago.  At the time it had no inside plumbing or electric.  It was heated by an old pot belly stove sitting in the middle of one large room.  The cabin was originally a one room school house.  Over the years it was separated into one room for sitting and a kitchen area, two small bedrooms and a bath with shower.   So much better than the outhouse it came with and bathing in the cold river.

This school was attended by Tom Mix.  Okay, if you know who Tom Mix was you are OLD!   Tom Mix was THE cowboy movie star in silent movie days and the beginning of the talkies.  His family home is about 1/2 mile down the dirt road from us.  All that is left now is the old foundation.   At one time there was a small park with a store, picnic grove and tourist information.  However, there are fewer and fewer people still alive who remember Tom Mix or have any interest.  Some of the buildings that were constructed when it was a tourist site, are now burned out.

Our cabin sits in the Allegheny mountain range surrounded by state game lands.   In front of it is Mix run normally a shallow river allowing the truck to drive across to the closest highway - PA 555.  If not driving across the river to get to town, it is 5 miles over mountain roads.  The nearest large town with banks, groceries, fuel, etc is Emporium, about 25 miles away.  This area of Pa is known for its large Elk Herds.  Often we see them down by the river and even in our side yard. 

Up the road about a mile is the Mix family cemetery.

Unfortunately, went we arrived at the cabin we found there was some type of leak in the bathroom causing wet carpet and mold growing on the wall.   I scrubbed the mold but could do nothing much about the dampness.  Charlotte had a difficult time that night with her allergies.  She and Leonard slept part of the night in his truck.    So, Saturday morning we packed up and headed back early to NJ, a long drive of close to 8 hours.

On Sunday we took the girls to the local Jellystone campground where my Mother, Sister, Niece and Nephew and their children were camping.  The girls loved the playground.  Especially the slides.

My Mom and her new best friend.

On Sunday we packed up the girls and returned them to their Mom and Dad.  There were tears all around as it will be several months before we will see them again.

Amy with her girls, Charlotte and Abby.


Margie M. said...

Sorry to read about the wet and mold in your cabin. I hope you can get it dried out. Mold won't go away if the dampness continues.

Nice pics of the whole family.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Looks like a good weekend was salvaged after the cabin disaster, You guys have a safe trip south and we will be following you and watching your journey. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Laurie and George said...

I guess I'm old; I know who Tom Mix was :) Well, I'm not *old* old..just remember hearing about him!

Any way you could run a dehumidifier in the cabin with a drain hose into something? We keep one running in our basement of my house all the time, and it's amazing how much it dries everything out.