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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forgot the camera

Heiskell,  TN

I am also thrilled to have two familiar names added to our list of followers.  First there is Froggi (Donna).   For the last few years I have occasionally caught up with her whereabouts by dropping in on her blog. 

Then there is Ellie.  I used to "talk" to Ellie on a Weight Watchers site.   Ellie is one of the good ones - she lost the weight and KEEPS IT OFF!  Good for her.  Me, not so much. We had planned to meet at a Rally in Branson, MO. a few years ago but it was before we were fulltimers and that summer diesel costs skyrocketed.  We did not attend the rally.  But, I do hope to meet both her and Donna down to road.

Well we are winding down with our time here at the Raccoon Valley Escapees Park.  We have really enjoyed meeting people here and visiting the surrounding areas.   We have not done much of note the last several days:

Saturday - a run to Walmart and that's about it.

Sunday - church and then Len helped a camper here named Judy who is also from Louisiana - Baton Rouge.  She had some problems with her Pressure Pro going off.  He showed her how to monitor the tires and air them up.   She needed a better air gauge so we went to Walmart (again) and picked up one for her.  To thank us she bought us ice cream at the afternoons ice cream social and also bought us over a bag of good Louisiana shrimp she had cleaned and frozen. Judy has been a treat to get to know and spend time with.  She is RVing alone because she says her husband back in Louisiana can not leave his STUFF.  In the evening we took our walk up the hill (mountain to me) behind the campground.

Monday - to the post office and THAT'S IT!  Except we did take our walk up the hill and then spent some time with a neighboring camper couple who had questions about NOMADS.  Most of the night we (I should say I - Len slept through it all) layed awake listening to thunder and hard rain.

Tuesday - we took a ride over to Sieverville to the Apple Farm, stopping at Longhorn for lunch.   Hence, today's title- I wish I had taken the camera.   I would have liked some pictures of the Apple Farm complex.  There was a bakery, grill, restaurant, ice cream shop, gift shop, Christmas store, candy store and a store with all kinds of apple products along with hams, jams, preserves, etc.   We also stopped at a knife store and a tool store.  I have to admit - I found a bench while Len did the store thing.  Later in the day there were severe storm warnings in several areas of TN including tornado watches. Luckily just heavy rains here that continued most of the night.

Wednesday - to the grocery store then the 4:00 social hour at the clubhouse.   At 6:00 we went back to the clubhouse for a covered dish dinner.  I made my baked pineapple.   Right now I am completely full!  

Yup, these last few days have been really lazy ones.   So much so it is almost 8 and I am tired enough for bed!


CeiPui said...

Nice week you had! I love to listen to thunders and hard rain at night!

My motto: Don't leave home without the camera!

Rick and Paulette said...

Hey, your days looked pretty busy to me!!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Sounds like a really nice and relaxing few days. Those are special!

MargieAnne said...

Just catching up again. Hope your still alright. Our news mentioned the winds and damage in mid west.

We are at last experiencing soem spring weather. Had a beautiful weekend.

George said...

Linda and I both seem to need a few days of just hanging out in the RV,only going out to walk Buddy.We were constantly forgetting the camera so we now have 1 in the truck and 1 in the trailer at all times.

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