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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moving day

Vienna, GA

I am so glad to see Karon as a follower of our blog.  Karon and her husband fulltimed for a few years but recently came off the road and settled back home in Arkansas.  Karon is another virtual friend I had hoped to meet at a Rally in Branson a few years ago.   Back in May we just missed each other when we were passing through Little Rock on our way back to NJ from Louisiana.  We will be in Arkansas again and expect an invite to meet!!!  I'll keep in touch, Karon.

One of the thrills in this lifestyle is meeting new people.   But one of the downsides is meeting people you really like, getting to know them a little and then it is time to move on.   This was very much the case as we spent the last three weeks at the Escapees Park in Heiskell, TN. 

This is Judy.  Judy is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What a fun, caring person.  I mentioned her in my last post.  We really would like to meet up again.

Here are Joe and Linda, who where the campground managers.   They leave next week to work at the Deming, New Mexico Escapees park.   I got to thinking.   We are going to Tucson, AZ in January for a project.   The route from Louisiana to Tucson is I10.  HEY- Deming is right off I10.   We just might see Joe and Linda again.  We also have two months to stay in the AZ and NM area between the Tucson project and having to move up to OK for another project in April.

  The man on the right is Larry.   He also worked at the campground.  He and his wife Babs (what a character) head to the Alabama Escapees park next week where he will be taking over the cooking duties.

This is Dan and Barb.   Saturday was Barb's last day of work.   They lived only 8 miles from the campground.  They decided they wanted to fulltime so they put their house of the market and it sold in 83 days!   Until Barb could retire they moved into the campground.   Just last week they sold her car.  They also are heading to the Summerdale, AL Escapees park for the winter.

After breakfast in the clubhouse we said our goodbyes and headed out at 8:20.  We arrived in Vienna, Ga around 2:30.   We will be working at a Methodist Campground for the next three weeks.  We easily found the campground and got hooked up.  

There are two issues here.   The gnats were thrilled to see us.  Fresh meat!   It was so bad we could  not stay outside once we got set up.  However, in the early evening they seem to have left.  At least enough that we were able to walk around the camp.  The second issue - we are right next to a train track.  The train rumbles by about once an hour.   I must have slept tight.  I heard it all yesterday afternoon and evening.  It went by as I was writing this.  I heard it at 5 this morning.  But - I slept though the middle of the night runs.

These are some pictures I took yesterday as we walked the grounds:

As I was uploading the above pictures, there went that train again!   

This morning we meet at 10:30 to attend the local church.  Then we will go to lunch with the rest of our group.   This is a small group.  Only four couples here now with one more man expected to arrive today.  We are invited to the camp directors for dinner tonight.  She and her husband and three young children live here on the grounds.

So, here we are - starting one more adventure!


Rick and Paulette said...

Sure looks like a nice little park you're at and it's nice you'll be able to meet some folks at dinner tonight! Don't forget - it's Halloween, so you could make a real impression!!!

Ali said...

Hi Phyllis & Len...so good to have time to get caught up with you both. The park you are at looks wonderful.

I have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind. 1) How did you connected to this group to work with? 2) Is it a paid or volunteer gig? One of the dreams Ron and I have had is to be able to travel around the US and work for different churches/church camps both as a means to earn some money but to also use our talents and to serve.

Wish you both a blessed day!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

What a small world. I grew up in Deming New Mexico and just got back from visiting my parents there. We will be there just before Christmas. Maybe we will look in on Joe and Linda.

George said...

Seems like many parks are close to train tracks.Maybe because the land is inexpensive.Speaking of gnats,hopefully they aren't the biting kind that ate me up in South Carolina.A lot of anti itch cream got used while we were there.