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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Museum Of Appalachia

Norris,  TN

Welcome to Jerry and Carol who joined this blog on October 11!

We were sitting around yesterday morning just vegetating.   Around 11 Leonard said, "Let's go!  Let's do something".   Our something was to first visit the Museum of Appalachia and then Norris Dam State Park both only about 8 miles from our campsite.

Museum of Appalachia:

Displays in this complex are collections of thousands of pioneer, cultural, antique and everyday items from interesting and colorful mountain folk. 

The Appalachian Hall of Fame has displays devoted to relics belonging to people from the surrounding region. 
The Mark Twain Family Cabin was moved to this location from Possum Trot, TN.  It was the home of Twain's parents and some of their children.  He never lived there as he was born five months after the couple left Tennessee.

The "Dan'l Boone" Cabin.   This cabin was built in the early 1800's.  It was used as the frontier home of Daniel Boone in the TV series Young Dan'l Boone. 
The ever popular still.
There are actually 36 buildings as part of this museum. 

.Norris Dam State Park

Our next stop was at the Norris Dam State Park.  In the park is the Norris Dam a project of the Tennessee Valley Authority built in 1936.

View of the river
The Norris River Dam
The Marina in the Norris Dam State Park
Weather was perfect for a walk through the outdoor museum and a drive through the park.  We also found a great campground in the Park.   Large enough for big rigs with electric and water hookups.  Nearby showers and bathhouse.  

To round out the day, we attended the nightly social hour at the campground and enjoyed the company of other campers at a dinner prepared by the cooks here at Raccoon Valley Escapees Park.


Rick and Paulette said...

Great pictures of the old cabins - very interesting! I love touring those old historical museums and always marvel at how folks lived back then.

Ali said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Wish the campground we were staying at had an Happy Hour time...we have only talked with about 3 people here and we have been here over a week. Haven't hardly seen anyone. Lots of rigs in the park but no people.

Oh well, maybe the next park will be better.