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Thursday, November 11, 2010

End of another work week and still sore

Vienna,  GA

First, welcome to Jeanne and Allan who are also fulltimers.  We met this fine couple last year while visiting our son in Alabama.    Jeanne and Allen - We will be spending Thanksgiving again in Cullman if you will be in the area give us a shout!  We would love to see you again.

We have now completed our second week of volunteering at Camp Dooley.  This week Len and a couple of the other guys built a shed around the water pump out on the ball field.   Then he took inventory of light bulbs that need changing and built benches at the ball field.

As for me - I spent most of the week power washing.   But each morning while it was still somewhat cool, I painted directional signs.   These signs were first routed by another volunteer, Andy.

The power washing included the chapel which was turning a lovely shade of green.

This area is full of pine trees that drop their large needles, causing mildew and dirt to build up.  After power washing the chapel I did the sidewalk leading to it.  This sidewalk is about  60 feet long.  Here is a picture that shows my work in progress.

There is an outside worship area that sits next to a small stream.   There is a large wooden cross on a red brick base sitting in front of 15 concrete benches.   I could not imagine anyone sitting on these benches. They were black and dark green with mold.  I washed the benches and red brick base.  These are before and after pictures of some benches.

I was glad to power wash.    If not, I would have to paint walls.  And I HATE PAINTING WALLS.  I know some day I will have to paint but fortunately I missed that bullet this time!  Not every NOMAD hates to paint.   Here are two fine ladies who did a super job on the conference center.   This is Connie and Barb.

We feel so blessed that we are able to serve in this way.    One more week here and we will be off to Alabama for two weeks.     Our next NOMAD project is not until January in Tucson, AZ.

Check out NOMADS at http://www.nomadsumc.org/


Rick and Paulette said...

Great job on the power washing, what a difference in the sidewalk and benches.

Laurie and George said...

Power washing is ..well..powerful! Such a difference..good job!

George said...

Those long pine needles are a real pain.I'm still cleaning them out from different nooks and crannies on the trailer and truck from when we were in Hardeeville,South Carolina 3 weeks ago.