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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cat ...... Food

Summerdale, AL


Our cat Lucky started acting "strange" last week.  Whining, restless, not eating much and seldom using the litter box.   On Thursday we took him nearby by to:

The Vet, Elizabeth Taylor  (!!!)  suspected either a blockage or urinary tract infection.   She suggested keeping him for the night so as to keep an eye on him.  She ended up keeping him there two nights.   He did not eat the first day but last night started eating a little and used the litter box.  We picked him up this afternoon along with antibiotics.   We will have to change his diet to one which is suitable for cats with  this type condition.

Lucky was very disagreeable when we picked him up.  He was just plain MAD.   He's happier now and spending time outside on his leash as he likes to.

Food .......

Whew!   Had enough!  For now anyway.

Yearerday we drove over to the nearby town of Elberta and had lunch at

When we walked at right after 12 noon, the owner yelled at us "grab a plate and help yourself".  On a buffet was fried catfish, fried mullet, fried chicken, green beans, corn, black eye peas, baked beans, cole slaw, green salad, ambrosia, potato salad, corn bread, biscuits, cottage cheese, mashed yams, the very best cheesy grits I have had and German chocolate cake for desert.

Got there here at the right time.  Opens around 10:30 and is closed by 12:30.  As we finished eating, they were clearing away the salad bar and the place was emptying out.   By the time we got to the truck, the sign said CLOSED.

When you pay, the owner has each customer pull a poker chip out of a bag of white and red chips.  A red one means your meal is free.   He said he gave away 5 free meals that day.   We had a coupon for a half price meal with one full price.   Our cost was just $12.75! Cheap!    Our friend Judy refused to go because of the name of the place.   Sure didn't bother us any.

Today we had breakfast at the club house   -  French toast, bacon, OJ and Coffee.

Then but a few hours later we went to Marlow United Methodist Church.   Once a month during "the season" they have a fish fry.    We got there around 11:30 and it was packed.   One of the workers said they had already fried all the fish they had, late comers would be out of luck.

For $9.00 you get fried catfish, hushpuppies, cole slaw, baked beans, a drink and choice of homemade dessert.

Len and I had Pumpkin crunch pie, Judy had pineapple upside down cake.   Judy is okay with the name of Marlow United Methodist Church so this time she came along.

This is the original church building.  The dinner was in the newer building where they hold services.

We are settled in for the night.  Expecting rain from the feel of it.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Glad to hear lucky is doing better. The lunch at the Road Kill sounded pretty good.

Nan said...

I wanna go to Road Kill! Lucky is probably on the same food that our Noah is on. Be warned....any time he/she goes off the food, the UTI will return. Been there done that.

MargieAnne said...

Oh this brings back memories.

Late Feb or early March 2005 we drove from Pensacola to Mobile via coastal and country roads. I was the navigator and really we had no idea where we were but so long as it was in the right direction, more or less we went.

About mid-day hunger pangs let us know we needed to stop soon. In this tiny old fashioned town we thought it would be a hoot to eat at the Road Kill Cafe. It was crowded so we knew it was a where the locals ate. That's always a good sign. There seemed to be a huge selection of food.

John had his first meal with biscuits and gravy. I remember being very satisfied with whatever I ate and it was cheap even if we didn't win a free meal.

Thanks for the memories.

BTW Interesting about your Grandaughter.I am a much nicer person when not eating wheat/gluten. Not so depressed, irritable and short tempered.

Hope Lucky is improving.


Judy and Emma said...

Do you know the reason for the elephants in the window of the Road Kill?

Rick Doyle said...

Glad Lucky is feeling better.

Not too sure I'd want to eat at a place called Road Kill - but, the food did look pretty good.

Elaine said...

glad to see lucky is doing better and is back home...lunch sounded excellent...

Donna W. said...

I remember how Lucky can pout and show you he is not a happy cat. Are we sure he isnt a teenage girl? Glad you found the problem and that it can be cured by food.
Apparently UTI is common in cats, my mothers cats had the same thing. Give Lucky a scratch for me and tell him to stop being a Diva just because you left him somewhere for his own good.

JOJO said...

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I didn't read past the schedule and thought you haven't been posting. So I know now to scroll down. You sure have been busy and the cat fish sure looks good. Haven't had any in a very long time. I used to have a Road Kill menu that was kept in the trailer many, many years ago.
Hope your kitty gets well soon.