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Thursday, January 19, 2012

National Naval Aviation Museum

Pensacola, FL

Today we, with Judy, toured the National Naval Aviation Museum which is only about 40 miles from the campground.  We could have spent a lot more time but we had a vet appointment for our cat, Lucky.  More on that another day!

We especially liked the older plane section.   There was a lot we did not get a chance to see due to the vet appointment.  Len said we really need to go back again.   We will within the next few days.

We did have time to ride the "trolley" which takes visitors to the outside viewing areas.

It was a plane like this that was shot down in Vietnam carrying Senator John McCain.

Everyone should recognize these planes.   What we did not know is the planes the Blue Angels fly are previously used military planes and are then retired after two or three seasons of use by the Angels.

This is one of the few planes flying immediately after 9-11.  It was used to bring supplies to Ground Zero.

Did not catch the name of this plane but the tour guide told us that they would get calls from civilians stating they saw a flying saucer that must have captured a plane and was taking it away.

This is one of the actual planes that took pictures of the missiles Russia had placed in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This plane was designed by Howard Hughes and used for weather recon.

There is no admission cost to this museum, including the trolley tour.    There are costs for the IMAX theater or flight simulators.   Well worth stopping by!


Donna K said...

Thanks for the tour of the museum. Would love to see some of those planes upclose.

Enjoyed the funny comment you left on my blog. Kids DO say the darndest things!!

Elaine said...

holy mackerel-thanks for the tour and the history...great blog

Rick Doyle said...

Great tour and pics - thanks!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good tour. It is a great place and only about 30 miles from our campground, as well.

Karol said...

I had to get Danny better dog food. Most dog food sold in the supermarket is of poor quality. I get him "Newman's Own". Of course the better dog food is more expensive. He was having problems with his liver. I also give him filtered water.

Ted would have love the "National Naval Aviation Museum" We went to the one in Virginia and the one at the Smithsonian.