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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good eats and good times!

Summerdale, AL

Friday night we gathered with a group from the park and had dinner nearby at

It was a tough decision on what to order.   After careful consideration both Len and I elected to try the shrimp gumbo with 1/2 a poboy sandwich.   His poboy was crawfish, mine oyster.  We both had onion rings and sweet potato fries as our sides.    The gumbo was actually pretty good. 

Then we headed over to Fish River Baptist Church for a concert by Gospel singer Ivan Parker.  I had never heard of this gentleman but was happy to hear him after learning he had toured with The Gaither Homecoming group.    This is  a poor picture even though we were in the second row.

On Saturday we took a 70 mile ride over to Moss Point, MS to check out where we will be working a NOMADS project starting January 30.  We got to meet the director/coordinator of the various relief projects NOMADS have worked on since right after Katrina hit this area.

About 40 years ago Leonard lived in the Moss Point area while working at Ingles Shipyard.    Several years ago he stopped in this area on the way to Louisiana and looked up two old friends.  He often would talk about Toby and Mac.   A few years later we heard they both had died.

Knowing this, Leonard wanted to stop in the see Gay, Mac's widow.    He found the house and went to the door.   A gentleman in a wheelchair answered the door and Len asked if Gay was there.  She was so he called me in to meet her.   Leonard was assuming the man in the wheelchair was one of their sons.   When I came in Gay hugged me and I offered my hand to the gentleman and introduced myself.   It was Len's old friend Mac!  It seems the report of his demise was greatly exaggerated.   Needless to say, Len is thrilled to find this friend is still among the living and doing quite well.

We spent about an hour visiting with the plan to get back in touch once we return to the area in two weeks.   We are so looking forward to this special reunion.

This morning we attended the local Methodsit church, only about a mile up the road.

We had an early dinner so as to enjoy the ice cream social at the clubhouse a little later.

BTW, family and friends in NJ, MD, PA and VA it was 65 here today.    Not that I am being mean or anything, just wanted you to know.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Great to find old friends and we had about 63 here today not bad for Jan in KC.

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Shrimp gumbo...one of our favorites! So great that you got to meet Leonard's friends. Enjoy your week.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Gee, thanks for letting me know it was 65 today where you are! :)~~
It sure wasn't that here in NJ. Dave took a hair dryer to a frozen water valve, so at least we had water flowing! Glad you guys are safe and enjoying yourselves!

Laurie and George said...

Very nice that you were able to see Len's friends. By the way...it's 16 degrees right now!

Peggy n David said...

Wonderful - we loved that restaurant when we were there :) Looking forward to seeing you in a couple short weeks :)

Elaine and Rick said...

how great you got to look up old friends...looks like great food at that restaurant!! have a super week..

Rick Doyle said...

Great looking lunch at that restaurant. Nice to meet up with old friends too.

Donna K said...

So how did Mac take to the news of his "Resurrection?" That's a funny story with a happy ending.

How nice you got to see Ivan Parker in person. He has a great voice. I LOVE the Gaithers and have about a gillion of their Homecoming Videos. Always enjoy anything or anyone associated with the Gaithers and their music.