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Friday, January 6, 2012

Did we leave the cold behind?

Cullman,  AL

Welcome to Michael and Dee who recently joined as followers.  Glad to see you here and I will be stopping by your blog also.

We left NJ on Wednesday with the temperature reading 15.   BRRR...

The most difficult part of leaving the northeast was knowing we would not see these beautiful granddaughters for the next several months.  There were lots of tears on both sides.

Charlotte with a very sad face.

Abby, looking good after her haircut.

 Before taking off, checking the tire pressure:

The trip took us two 8+ hour days of travel.   It was uneventful except for:

This truck was escorted over the bridge between MD and Va as it carried explosives.  Really, what help would the police officer in the car really be should there be an issue.

We got into a small traffic jam.  We saw a small truck with the drive shaft on the ground.  The resulting sparks must have caused this fire in the medium.

We spent Tuesday night warm and cozy in a rest area near Winston-Salem, NC.   Gotta love a generator.   Back on the road Thursday morning before 5:30.

In the mountains of North Carolina there were patches of snow:

and ice on the rocks:

We arrived at Cullman Campground around 1 (CST) yesterday.   We partially got set up then went to the local Cracker Barrel for lunch.  After lunch we finished setting up and drove to Len's sons home about 10 miles from the campground.   Daughter in law, Tammy, made corn bread and chili with rice.  How nice seeing granddaughter Maddie.    Today we will return to finally meet our great-grandson Jordan, son of Morgan who is Tammy's daughter.  Jordan  was born in April.

We will just be staying in this area until Monday when we head to the Escapees Park in Summerdale, AL.

BTW, yesterday the temp got to 61 but we woke this morning to 27.  Did we leave the cold behind???


Elaine and Rick said...

its just a cold front moving thru that will pass soon..at least thats what I keep telling myself here in Fl...travel safe enjoy those babies..

Judy and Emma said...

Will you be staying at the escapees park for three weeks?

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh those poor little girls. They look so sad! I can only image how difficult it was to leave them. Safe travels.

MargieAnne said...

Saying goodbye is so hard.

You are having fun visiting family. How nice that is.

Don't feel to bad about the weather. It's raining here and probably around 16'C/60'F. This is high summer! OK it will get better next month. We keep hoping.

Laurie and George said...

No cold right now! Going to be beautiful for the next 5 days in a row here in NEPA. Love it! Glad you made it safely..

JOJO said...

Hope it warms up soon. But it still is warmer right?
Enjoy the visit

Michael and Dee said...

Thanks for the welcome! When we were in Alabama in November we stayed overnight at Camping World near Birmingham. Full hook up with 50 amp!! The best free overnight yet! The road south from there was terrible, though. Broke our Brake Buddy!

Michael and Dee said...

The road that broke our Brake Buddy was the I65. There is a lot of construction and about 13 miles of that road is almost undriveable (is that a word?). I believe it was south of Tuscaloosa.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Weather here has been great in the 60's and its jan, but next week..high in the 30's. nice way for everyone to be sick. Knowingyou those grands will be sorely missed.. do you have skype to be able to talk to them

codice promozione said...

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