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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meeting new friends

Cullman, AL

Our second great-grandson was born last April.   We met him for the first time on Friday.  This is Jordan with Len's son Lenny (the grandpop).

Granddaughter Madison stayed with us in the fiver on Saturday night.

Last year while visiting this area, we drove about 60 miles to the town of Natural Bridge.   The town was named for a natural stone/rock bridge that is open for tourism.   When in the gift shop, we saw a brochure with the United Methodist logo on it.   The brochure was about the Christian Place Mission in nearby Nauvoo.   The mission provides meals and other necessities to local residents.    The gentlemen running the gift shop told us a little about the mission and church and their plan to build a community building.

We told him a little about the NOMADS and how they might be of help.   We were thrilled to see the pastor, Roger Westin, and the director of the mission, Carole Newman, followed up with our suggestion and the plan is for some NOMADS to head their way this Spring to assist in whatever way they can.

This morning we drove the 50 some miles from the campground to attend their small church and meet Roger and Carole in person.

Maddie was asked to light the candles.

Pastor Roger

We stayed for Sunday School.   The children:

After services we went out for Barbecue with Carole and Dorothy (Granny).    That is Granny on the left with Carole on the right.

Once more it was a real treat to meet such nice folks while on our travels.   Especially ones who are so dedicated and filled with God's love.


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I work for a large UM church 2000 members 800 to 1000 on sunday. I have a mission team we call gomaw Grumpy Old Men At Work. I just got done setting them up with a work shop with all the tools you could think of. They do alot of work for me around the church and also the community helping poor people with home repairs.

Laurie and George said...

Nice to find God in the smallest of places..:-)

Tonya Lively said...

Leonard, Phyllis, and Madison, it was such a blessing for all of you to share in service with us. The children did a wonderful job constructing a root system for our Sunday School Lesson, Jeremiah 17:8. May you have safe passage and many blessings in your travels. Love to you in Christ, Tonya Lively Nauvoo UMC Alabama