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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Becoming A Real Texan

First - to my great relief, Len found a few more channels on the TV. We are told we are at the far end of the viewing area from Houston and the reception goes in and out and it does on some channels. But it appears to stay clear on all the Spanish speaking channels. The best channel we found is the local FOX. That's good except I sure do miss the Fox News Channel. I am somewhat addicted to it. Or at least I was, as I now have to go cold turkey.

We met with a young woman here who gave us the information on obtaining our Texas residency. On a side note, in conversation she mentioned her maiden name. It is Len's grandmother on his fathers side maiden name. And her father is from the same area of Louisiana as Lens grandmother. Related???

First we need to get both the truck and fiver inspected. They will not inspect in the rain and it rained all day. So tomorrow we have to pack up everything and take both to town for inspection. Once that is done, we then go to the tax office to register the truck and fiver. Then to Motor Vehicles for our drivers license. Then to State Farm agency to get our insurance changed over. We now have our official residence address here at Escapees Rainbows End Park.

We found a nice place for lunch and ate too much. Also, they served dinner at the park tonight and we bought the last two tickets. Carrot Salad, baked potato, pork chop, mixed veggies, beverage and chocolate/cherry cake. All for $6.00 and it was quite good. We need to start walking more and eating less.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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Ken & Donna said...

We are so glad that you made it to Texas. You got out of Dodge just in time. We are under a Blizzaed warning until tomorrow night at 7:00 Could get upward of 18-24 inches of snow. I'm sure Texas is alot warmer. Be safe