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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Church and football

I am tired and this is just how I feel, ready to stretch out and have a good nights sleep.

This is Lucky. Yes, this is the kitten, now almost all grown, who gave me Cat Scratch Fever and put me in the hospital for 5 days. He is a sweetheart and we love him dearly. His scratches were a kitten just playing. My research tells me that 40% of kittens carry the bacterial that cause the disease. Mostly it is given to children and they get a mild case of Cat Scratch. As I was already sick with a cold, my defenses were low causing it to affect my lymph nodes, spleen and liver. I have completely recouped and hold no grudge the boy.

Welcome to our blog Susan and Kenny and Angela. Please drop in often. We completely understand your interest in fulltime RVing.

When we came into town on Wednesday I noticed a United Methodist Church out on Rt 190. They have contemporary services at 9 and a traditional service at 11. We went to the 9 am service this morning. We were always active in our home church and agreed that even though we travel, we still need to attend services when at all possible.

As it is Super Bowl Sunday, the park organized a Super Bowl party. We went over to the Center around 4:30. I made jalapeno poppers. There was completely too much food and too many temptations. As I am not a huge football fan, I stayed until the 3rd quarter and came back to the fiver. (I was bored.) Len just got back. I was hoping Colts would win as I like the Manning brothers. He, being from Louisiana was routing for the Saints. He tells me they won. That made most the people at the party happy.

Like Lucky I am tired, it's off to bed.

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Margie M. said...

Hello Phyllis...your kitty is precious! Like you, we always attempt to get to church on Sunday. We found a nice one here in the town of Arroyo Grande (First UMC). We've even made a few friends since we stay here for several weeks.

Enjoy your week.