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Friday, February 5, 2010

Truck and Fiver Inspected

About all we did today was get the truck and the fifthwheel inspected so it can get licensed in Texas. The shop doing the inspecting would not do it until after 1:30 as the roads were still damp from the rain of yesterday. By the time we brought the rig back to the campground and got it set up it was too late to go to either the tax office or motor vehicle office. So - that is our project for Monday.

It got to a comfortable 60 today. I am thinking of back in New Jersey where they are expecting 14-24 inches of the white stuff tonight.

I called my Mom a short time ago - Happy 85th Mom. I love you.

We are about to sit back and watch some DVD's. The campground has a free video/DVD lending library. Lots of videos, not so many DVD's. And the DVD's they do have are mostly old westerns. This will keep Len happy for many hours.

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Margie M. said...

Well, have a nice weekend while you wait for Monday to get here!