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Monday, February 22, 2010

Temporary solution

Len's youngest sister has moved into Mom's house to take care of her. This is a major responsibility. The other brothers and sisters continue to stop by to assure things are going well. We know this is a short-term solution.

This is Len's mother Alice and our sister-in-law Susie.

Yesterday we found the local United Methodist Church and attended services. There was another couple visiting the church. To our great joy we found out they are NOMADS! We found them after services and spent a few minutes talking to them. They just left the Moss Point MS project that Len and I were scheduled to work before Len's skin cancer scare and we had to postpone fulltiming for a few months. Then we found out they are parked just four campsites away from us. Dort and Butch are having car problems and are leaving the area today.

Later in the day, Len's older Daughter D'Juana and her girls Alex and Lindsey stopped by the campground. They were returning to Houston from visiting her mother in Louisiana. Len spent some time outside frying his wonderful Southern Fried Chicken. We kind of overdid it. We had enough for dinner last night with the girls plus enough for tonight and two bags in the freezer for future meals.

Now let's see what the day brings.

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Margie M. said...

A temporary solution will help, and it is better than no solution at all. Prayers are with you all.