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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting some exercise

Welcome Jim Smith as a follower of our blog. We sure do appreciate your interest.

We love the weather we are having here in east Texas. Back in New Jersey they are having a major snow storm. Daughter Terri reports drifts several feet tall. Two neighboring counties are mostly without power. The temps. will not get above 32 in the next few days with more snow expected Wednesday.

Daughter Amy lives in northern Maryland. While we were talking she walked outside and took a quick measurement of 18". However, just like in NJ there is lots of wind and drifting. Our friend Diane in NJ called and reports the same. Most everything is shut down. We are so glad we left on Monday. And we are especially grateful for the temperature today of 64 and the opportunity to open the awning and sit outside for a while in lawn chairs.

We took a drive to Livingston State Park that is about 8 miles from the campground. We sorely need exercise as we have been eating way too much the last few weeks. Today was the day to start being a little more active.

This is a boardwalk that winds about one mile through a piney wooded and marshy area of the State Park. There were several picnic tables along the path. We heard lots of bird calls but could not locate the birds. It was a pleasant walk.

The park has several camping areas. We also saw about 12 little rental cabins. They look like they would only be suitable for warm weather use as they have large windows which looked to have only screens in them.

A view of the Lake. Barely seem at the shore line is a lovely home site with docking for their boats. This state park is very well maintained. There were several campsites in use now. I am sure it is a major attraction during the warmer months.
After we got back to our campground and had lunch, we decided it was time for a tour of the Escapees Park on our bikes. I was not in the best of shape for this ride. In addition I could not get the gears to change. I am ashamed to say, a few times I had to get off and walk the bike up the relatively small inclines. When we got back to our site, Len oiled the gears. Hopefully that will help.
So today we did get some exercise. However, we just finished a dish of ice cream. At least it was LIGHT ice cream. Oh well.

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Margie M. said...

Thanks for the tour of the park, Phyllis. It looks like a great place. I'm so glad you are out of NJ now! What a disaster there on the east coast. I hope your kids get through it OK.