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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're here!

First welcome to new followers Phil and Rudee, Hembree and Mamaclucker (alias my SIL). I am so very glad to see you here.

So, we arrived at the Escapees Rainbows End Park in Livingston TX at 2 this afternoon. WHEW!! We drove a total of 1,619 to get here.

Last night we overnighted at the "Wally World Camp Resort" in Meridian MS. Our view from our parking lot site was the hugely popular and ever so lovely Loews and the well-appointed Rent-a-Center. What a luxury!

Why is our first stop at Escapees headquarters? Escapees is the premiere organization catering to fulltime RVers. They will guide us through the process of becoming "real Texans". As fulltimers there are many advantages to being Texas residents. A big one - Texas has no State Income Tax. The cost of truck/Rv insurance is favorable as is the cost of registrations.

One big factor in our decision is getting medical insurance for Leonard. Unlike me who is old enough for medicare, Len needs to purchase health insurance for the next 5 years. His health benefits end from his NJ State job at the end of February. He is eligible to purchase health insurance in NJ for the rest of his life but it is very costly. At this time it is over $700 a month and will surely continue to rise. In Texas he can purchase a high deductible Health Savings Account at a reasonable monthly cost. NJ has these programs but only through a group plan, not individual.

An RV friend I met online then in-person last February when we were in Texas is an insurance broker and licensed in Texas. We will be meeting up with Coleen in about two months but in the meantime we can get Len covered by phone and online.

At this moment Len is a little upset. He just found out there is no cable here and only two stations -both religious. He said he can look at his DVD's but how do we get our weather and news? Luckily I can get online. When we registered they told us Sprint does not work here. We have Sprint cell phones and Sprint air card. Hey - I have used the phone and I am online RIGHT NOW.

Okay - time to find out what's for dinner.

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Margie M. said...

Glad you arrived safely in Livingston. I hope all goes smoothly in making the arrangements for your resident status and the health insurance issue. I'll be looking for more news in the days ahead.

Have fun in warm Texas.