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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catfish and oil in East Texas

Friday, March 19. Yesterday we noticed the truck was slow to start in the morning. In the evening it would not at all. So, today's first chore was to find a Sears to check the batteries. After getting the truck jumped, we headed to Tyler and the local Sears store. When we got there we were told it would take a while as they were busy. We settled in for a wait. But almost immediately someone came over, checked the batteries and found one was bad, but the main battery was good. Diesels have two batteries. After considering all options, Len decided on the 900 cranking amps battery at a total cost of $221. Another hit to the budget. The battery was installed and we were on the road about 45 minutes after arriving. Great service there.

Plans had been made for the group to go to a local basket factory on this, our day off. As we had more immediate concerns with the truck, we could not join the group. However, in the late afternoon we all went to Franksten, Tx where we met up with another NOMADS couple at 7 B Restaurant for a buffet dinner.
Here is our group of 18. Plenty of gumbo (quite spicy) grilled and fried catfish, boiled and fried shrimp, seafood salad, potato salad, cole slaw, rice, beans, hush puppies, green salad, green pea salad, french fries and the traditional Southern desserts of banana and bread pudding.

I just had to take a picture of the toilet seats. I bet everyone does a double-take on this one. Actually the barbed wire is encased in Plexiglas.

Saturday, March 20. We woke to cool weather and rain setting in. We went outside to wish safe trips to two couples. Our leaders, Jerrell and Linda will return next Saturday after attending a family commitment up in Arkansas. Leaving the project were Jan and Forrest Riley who are returning to Michigan to attend to family matters. We hope to meet up with Jan and Forrest on future NOMADS projects and look forward the Jerrel and Linda's return next week.

Then we set off to Kilgore, Tx about 50 miles away. We heard about the East Texas Oil Museum on the Kilgore College Campus. The cost was only $6.00 a person and well worth the trip.

At the entrance of the museum is this oil rig. Under it was an old Ford truck van that Len would love to own.

Len standing next to another smart looking vehicle.

Inside the museum is a life size "Kilgore Boom Town" including a replica of a muddy street.

Len checking out the General Store.

Another view of Boom Town main street.

A view of a 1930's modern home.

We would encourage anyone traveling through East Texas to seek out this museum. Closed Mondays.

As we are sitting here this afternoon, the winds are really whipping. On a great note! I just got a phone call from the vehicle insurance agent we are using to help us change to South Dakota residency. The actual cost of our truck insurance will be ONE HALF of her original quote. No claims are now showing in our records. YIPPEE! We will be saving a bundle in changing our domicile from Texas to South Dakota. Sure wish I had investigated further prior to becoming Texas residents. Oh well, we are now cutting our losses and moving on. Live and learn.

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Peggy n David said...

Hey lady - sounds like you are enjoying the life...I know we are. We couldn't be happier with our choice of being under contract for a year - with a steady paycheck!

Sorry you are having truck issues - that is never any fun!

Take care and travel safely! I finally managed to update my blog today :)