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Monday, March 1, 2010

The solution to our problem....

We had a beautiful Sunday. Last week and this week we attended the Methodist Church here in Vinton, La. Yesterday a lady turned around in her pew and asked Len what his name is. When she heard it, she turned to her husband and said, "that is my first boyfriend". When Len realized who she was he turned to me and said "this is my first girlfriend". They were 5 and 6.

She and her family lived next door to Len's Aunt and Uncle. He spent much of his childhood at their house. Diana gave Len her Mom and Dad's phone number. They now live with her sister in Lake Charles. Len called Diana's mother and we went right over to visit. All were so happy to get caught up with each other. Tomorrow we will spend some time at Diana's house.

We really like the church we have been attending. It is a very welcoming congregation.

Now, for the down side of the last few days. We are still having issues in getting health insurance for Len. It is possible he might keep what he had in NJ at a cost of almost $700 a month! We are also looking into changing residency to South Dakota. We know the truck and fifth wheel insurance will be much cheaper. We will look into the cost of health insurance. At this point I sure wish Len was old enough for Medicare like I am.

I told him there is one other option. We can ditch this 38" fifth wheel and go smaller. Then our costs of travel will be less. Something small will be cheaper to pull. Insurance costs and registration will be less. We can sell the rest of our "stuff" to get some money. What do you think? Will he agree to travel in this?????

My guess is NO!

1 comment:

Margie M. said...

If you got that new little trailer you wouldn't have to worry about any of your stuff....because it wouldn't fit! LOL

Small world in meeting a first girlfriend. Must have been fun catching up on the years gone by since last seeing each other.