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Monday, March 29, 2010

Needed back in Louisiana

This has been quite a week.

Friday, March 26. Having the day off, we took off for a ride south of Jacksonville, TX. This is a picture of Caddoan Indian Mound. Burials of ancient Indians have been found in three such mounds in the area.

We took a ride through Davy Crockett State Park. We followed signs to an "overlook". As trees have grown up around it, little can now be seen.

Satuday, March 27. We drove up to Tyler, Tx. Each year they have an Azalea festival. We drove the Azalea Trail but due to the cool weather, few flowers were in bloom. A few backyards were open for visitors.

One of the few bushes in bloom.

A little outside of Tyler there was a Civil War campout.

Getting ready to fire the cannon.

The surgeons office.

We just left the campout headed back to the Fifthwheel when Len got a call from his brother Jerry. Len's mother had been unresponsive all day. We immediately packed up and headed back to Louisiana. We arrived in Vinton after 8, quickly set up at the campground and went to her house. Most of Len's siblings were there. Mom had come around and was sitting in her chair. We wonder if the problem was over medication. That night brother Bobby and wife Charlotte stayed with her. Brother Jerry is staying every night since.

Sunday, March 28. We attended church services in Vinton then spent the day at Mom's. She had a good day.

Monday, March 29. Another day at Moms, another good day for her.

Tuesday, March 30. Mom slept most of the day. The Hospice nurse called and from symptoms relayed, says that her systems are shutting down. He will be here tomorrow and meet with the family.

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Margie M. said...

Well, I'm so sorry that the situation has gone downhill so quickly. I've been in this situation with my own Mom and it isn't easy. Prayers are with you all.